Sunday, July 31, 2005

Upcoming Rally for Obeying the Law

(definition: aiding and abetting is a law term implying one who instigates, encourages or assists another to commit an offence. Wikipedia

Springfield Oregon, August 6, 2005
a rally is planned at the Springfield library at 10 a.m.

We know Terrorist's are flying to Mexico or Central America and are coming to America via our open border! Yet, our state still allows the Mexican Consulate to travel and hand out their version of PHOTO ID to illegal aliens, helping BAD GUYS hide from watch lists! The Matricula Consular card.

We can stop this! On August 6th at the Springfield Library @ 10 am, we will conduct a HUGE PROTEST and are requesting that DHS/ICE be there and pre-screen applicants!

Why are State employees at these events, helping illegal aliens, get a job, and a license and a place to live and to VOTE? That is against Federal law!! also known as aiding and abetting which is also punishable by law
for more information, click on the following link. Open Letter to Rep. Jeff Kropf

I think that Daniel from summed it up quite clearly, "You would think that no rally for obeying the law would be necessary but with all the apologists for illegal aliens, including our presidente, it is."

I understand that corporations see huge dollars by catering to the illegal immigrants, but we have to stop for a minute, step back and look at the big picture here.

#1, they are here illegally!
#2, they are not supposed to be here!
#3, we are bending over backwards to cater to these people, and sacrificing our own culture and ways as a result.
#4, WE have to learn a second language to get a job in our own country.
#5, WE are demonstrating to the world that our laws mean nothing.

please do not get me wrong, I do understand that most are here for the opportunities that America has however to offer, however,by coming here illegally, they are cheating the system and undermining the people who worked to be here legally.

perhaps one majorly overlooked consequence about people be here illegally is the way people are starting to perceive and treat the people who are here legally.
An Hispanic woman in my class commented, "I get tired of people looking at me like I am garbage." I was shocked but yet not surprised by her comment.

history has proven that perception's can get out of control, and this is exactly where it is going if we do not stop it now by enforcing our own laws.

do you remember the Japanese concentration camps and the perception of the Japanese people that were here legally? It was terrible.

what good does it do to have a homeland security department causing more inconvenience for the citizens of the United States, when our borders are open for anybody who wishes to come through them and then once here we do nothing about it except welcome them with open arms.

I figure we have two choices, #1) we tighten up our borders and make our own government follow the federal laws or #2) we just give up.


Daniel said...

Have you read the new Mac Jonhson column?

And for all you AFL-CIO members, it's time to send your dues to charity rather than a group who endorses giving your jobs to people who aren't legally able to work in this country.

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