Tuesday, July 26, 2005

it's hard enough to be returning student (part two)

Robin's commentary

Well I went down in history as creating a confusing anomaly between the University of Oregon and Lane community college.

What had happened, in 1975 higher at 65 credits, which followed me when I went back to Lane in 2003. Starting my third year at Lane community college, I currently have over 120 credits.
I applied to the University of Oregon for the dual enrollment program, which allows me to take courses at both colleges. The U of O audited my transcripts and deducted 50 credits, which put me down to 70 credits.

The problem started when I inquired about my financial aid and they reviewed my account and discovered that was 70 credits, anything under 90 credits is hosted by Lane community college when in the dual enrollment program.

However, the U of O said that they would gladly handle my financial aid account once I reach the 90-credit market again which will be after fall term.

Lane community college had already revoked my financial aid offerings when they finally realized that I had financial aid at the University of Oregon.

To quote a letter received today, "your transfer credits that were deducted have caused a of confusion for both you and the offices involved... we can only fund students in this program if they have 90 or more accepted earned credits.”

Financial aid options have been plaguing me ever since I've been in school. The amount of time and stress involved in trying to straighten out the bureaucracy is unbelievable.

I am taking 11 credits the summer, nine credits is considered full-time for summer term and when you include the countless hours that I have spent between the two colleges trying to get things straightened out on top of my homework and assignments, it is ridiculous.

There has to be a better way.


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