Friday, July 15, 2005

20 More layoffs for OSP

Mail Tribune
By Jack Moran
July 14, 2005

Oregon State Police patrols would fall to a level not seen since the 1960s, under a pair of budget proposals endorsed by state legislators.

Separate OSP budgets approved this month by the Senate and House would eliminate 20 patrol-division positions. If the proposals are combined and included as part of the overall budget for the 2005-07 biennium, the number of patrol slots statewide would fall to 309 — the fewest in nearly 40 years, according to OSP."It’s a possibility, but we remain hopeful this can be resolved before the budget is finalized," said OSP Capt. Gerry Gregg, head of the agency’s patrol division.

"We really don’t want to lose any more trooper positions," he said.

Layoffs likely would be avoided by reassigning patrol troopers to serve as Fish and Wildlife officers or OSP detectives, officials said. what??? again this shows where their priorities lie

State Sen. Avel Gordly, chairwoman of the Senate’s special budget subcommittee on public safety, issued a news release last month stating she would support a 2 cents-per-gallon gas tax or auto-insurance surtax to help fund OSP. No formal proposal has been made.

fix everything was another tax or fee? I don't think so.
Throwing money at a problem is not the answer to fixing the problem. Those in government who feel that the public is a bottomless pit for money, are demonstrating their poor management skills.

How would the governor and the legislature feel if the troopers that personally protect them were laid off?
Oh I forgot, protecting wildlife is more important.


ESABATM said...

I thought the new slots that just went into the bars, was for the OSP coffers to provide service. Is this the same BS the Oregon Lottery is trying to pull again when we all voted for the lottery in the first place? The "BIG LIE" that schools would be better after we approved it. We have to keep as many OSP Officers on the job.

Robin said...

I remember that.
then after we voted it in and got the whole thing going, then they said that it was dirty "sin" money and should not go to schools.

shorty after that you started seeing signs placed around the state saying "your lottery dollars at work" on some dumb project that we have no say about.

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