Saturday, March 25, 2006

Upcoming Candidate Forum

Candidate Forum
Dorena Grange
Saturday, April 1st
12:00 to 2:00

Press Release

Rural areas matter to the candidates for Governor in this election year. And so do the rural voters. That’s shown by the candidates’ willingness to participate in a Candidate Forum at the Dorena Grange in Cottage Grove on April 1st from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. Dorena Grange is located at 34360 Row River Road (MP 4) in Cottage Grove. Here are directions to Dorena Grange: from I-5 take exit #174; cloverleaf ends at a stop light, turn Left; stay on the Row River Road until you reach MP 4; entrance to Grange parking lot is on the right a few feet after MP 4.

Grange is an agriculturally-based fraternal organization with an emphasis on community service. And Grange has long taken pride in their grass-roots involvement in legislative issues. For instance, Grange members in Lane County wrote a Resolution spearheading the effort to bring about newborn hearing tests in Oregon. After which the State Grange lobbyists worked with Legislators to get a bill written; and at a State Convention members from all over the state wrote postcards to their Legislators urging passage of that law. It’s now an accomplished fact; all newborns in the State of Oregon are hearing tested…all because the Grange started the legislative ball rolling.

Dorena Grange wanted to give rural voters from south Lane County and north Douglas County an opportunity to hear the candidates for Governor. It’s important to know how the various candidates stand on important issues prior to the May 16th election. Each of the candidates has been asked to address the following issues:

1. Oregon has been listed as 1 of only 2 states that issue driver’s licenses to “illegal” aliens. What is your position regarding having DMV require “Proof of Citizenship” before issuing a Driver’s License.

2. Since 1979 population in Oregon has increased 30% and Oregon State Police (OSP) patrols have decreased 49.5%. Given that fact, what is your position regarding returning OSP to a “Dedicated Funding” source similar to funding during and before the 1977-1979 biennium?

3. What is your position regarding amending the Constitution for the State of Oregon to preclude private land being condemned and transferred to another private party, which is allowed in light of the U.S. Supreme Court decision in the Kelo –vs- Connecticut Eminent Domain case?

4. What is your position regarding stabilizing school funding?

5. What is your position regarding changing election procedures to have an Open primary?

Each candidate will also have time to address other issues important to his campaign. Following that audience members will have an opportunity to ask questions to be answered by one or more of the candidates. So far four of the gubernatorial candidates have confirmed their plans to participate in this Candidate Forum; Kevin Mannix, Pete Sorenson, W. Ames Curtright and Gordon Leitch. As additional candidates confirm their plans to attend we’ll update this press release.

Jeanne E. Trudeau
Dorena Grange
Phone: (541) 942-2498
FAX: (541) 942-9854

"I think this is an outstanding opportunity for voters in both south Lane and north Douglas county to become informed about what these candidates for Governor think on various issues and how they would plan to govern the State of Oregon." Said Jeanne Trudeau.

Candidates that have responded positively to this invitation so for all are Aims Curtright, Gordon Leitch, Jim Hill, Kevin Mannix, Pete Sorenson and Tony Corcoran of the governor's office.
Bill Spidal, Jason Atkinson and Ron Sexton all had scheduling conflicts.

This event will be covered by the local media KEZI, KVAL, KMTR, The Register-Guard, Cottage Grove Sentinel and The Springfield News.


Scottiebill said...

Notice that Teddy the K is not on the list of participants in this forum? Does that surprise anyone? I thought not.

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