Sunday, March 12, 2006

Rhetorical Graduation Question

I've never earned a degree before, so the procedures are fairly new to me.
Lane community college has already announced [and changed] the date for students to "walk" to receive their degree.

So far, I have not heard any requirements for attending this event other than paying your $25 for your certificate.

So one question comes to mind... it is ASSUMED that students will be required to wear the traditional Cap and gown.

so being the type of person over analyzes everything... I'm just curious if you showed up in normal street clothes if you would still be allowed to participate?

admittedly, I have not done any real research on this question other than the fact that they tell you where you can purchase graduation supplies LCC bookstore

Now before you lecture me on the traditional roles etc. etc., I just asked the question out of mere curiosity.

by the way,
graduation ceremonies will take place the Saturday following finals week on 4 p.m. Saturday June 10, 2006 at the Lane County Fairgrounds in Downtown Eugene

I have already heard grumblings from students that they are doing this DURING finals week. I will agree it is kind of stupid!


Anonymous said...

FWIW, when I graduated from LCC, I blew off the ceremony. The degree means just as much, whether or not you decide to waste a nice day standing around in an ugly cap and gown with a bunch of other students you don't know. I am only going to the law school graduation because my parents decided to fly in from out of town (for the first time in years) to see it -- I'd just as soon blow it off, too.

Jim in KFalls said...

Congrats Robin!

Robin said...

Thank you :-)

jeff said...

I've never been to a ceremony where you walked if you weren't wearing the cap & gown.

Robin said...

by the way, I asked this question to one of the organizers if a student would be prevented from walking if they did not have a cap and gown.

The reply I got that it is a requirement and they usually have spares for students if they cannot obtain one. however, they did not say how stringent the enforcement would be.

hey, sometimes you just have to ask the dumb questions. :-)

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