Sunday, March 05, 2006

Future guest-worker program doesn't have a handle on fraud

The Washington Times--

A copy of a draft government report shows that the agency that would oversee any future guest worker program doesn't have a handle on fraud, and won't have a fraud management system in place until 2011 -- years after its proponents want to start the program.
"a copy of the draft, obtained by the Washington Times, says US citizens immigration services (USCIS) has looked at the prevalence of fraud in just a feud types of visas it now issues and doesn't give adjudicators the time or the tools to detect fraud or refer it to authorities for prosecution."

The General Accounting Office (GAO) got a 30% fraud rate among religious worker applications, and in one case law, enforcement had identified an applicant as a suspected terrorist.

" Sen. Charles E. Grassley, Iowa Republican and one of those who requested the report, wouldn't talk about specifics until it is released, but he told a Judiciary Committee meeting last week that senators would "be shocked if you learned about the internal fraud and abuse at the Citizenship and Immigration Service."
Mr. Grassley said from what he's seen, it's "unrealistic" to expect USCIS to administer a guest-worker program properly.
"Officials are being bribed. Visas are being given away. Green cards are being sold," he said."

Rosemary Jenks, director of government affairs at Numbers USA, which wants strict immigration limits, said, "as long as there's no prosecution or penalty, the alien is free to apply again and again and again until he gets what he's looking for, [referring to fraudulent applications] so there's no reason not to play the odds or the odds are so tiny that he's going to get in trouble."

President Bush requested $247 million in his budget this year to began planning for a guest worker program

I have to ask the question again, why do we keep bowing down and playing stupid.
why are we not investing this money into helping US citizens?

On one hand, the government is complaining that it does not have enough qualified educated workers in the United States so we look elsewhere, while at the same time, reducing resources for our students to go to college to become educated.

One of my frustrations is as we suffer economically, I get so tired of us trying to save the world in sending billions of dollars overseas at our expense.

As the old saying goes... follow the money. With the big push for a guest worker program, government refusing to prosecute illegal aliens and repeatedly turning their back on the problem... I still believe that there is more here than what meets the eye.


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