Monday, March 27, 2006

spammers are contributing to a pay per e-mail rule with AOL and Yahoo

Fox news--

" Grassroots organizations are fired up over America Online and Yahoo's decisions to place a fee on groups that send e-mails to large number of users without first being sorted through junk mail filters "
my heart really bleeds for them as I just deleted my 15th junk mail today
William Greene, president of commented that it would hamper their ability to get information to their members so that they are able to contact their congressman or senator. sends out about 3 million e-mail messages per week [for free]. "The new fees are going to put a real damper on anticipation in the democratic process." Greene said. I don't see why Greene is so worried, spam is unwanted mail. if his members want the mail, then it is not spam.

Yahoo also contends that it will be applying these charges to transaction mail such as bank account statements or purchase receipts. Political and nonprofit groups will not be charged. thanks to the spammers, you know that this will soon lead into a per-mail charge that will affect all of us.

I agree, that something has to be done about the excessive number of spam mail, charging the spammers seems to be one step towards a solution. Unfortunately, finding the spammers is another issue.

Charging legitimate e-mailers is something that I do not agree with.

One suggestion that I would like to offer is to make it a felony to use somebody else's e-mail address to send spam.

Of course again the issue remains, #1 finding the spammer #2 a lot of spammers are outside of the United States making it difficult to enforce.


Anonymous said...

If the Post Office was cheaper than e-mail, we would use it. Maybe the civil servants who are making insane amounts of money should take a bite like the rest of America. I pay 37 cents for a letter. If I mail my bills, it takes 3 days to go across town. Even with my handi-cap, I could hobble it across the metropolis of Cottage Grove quicker than the P.O. The computer age has made many things easier and quicker for us at a decent cost. If they want to charge a per mail fee, it should be to the provider I pay my monthly fee to. THEY promised me unlimited e-mail. And they probably make a lot more money than I do.

jeff said...

This is only a fee to avoid the filters. You still get to send out e-mail for free - it just gets filtered, and if it matches the criteria for spam, quarantined.

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