Thursday, August 25, 2005

Survey says no to safety taxes

The Registerguard
A majority of voters favor a proposed public safety plan to target drug dealers, reopen jail beds, reduce child abuse and domestic violence, and increase drug and alcohol treatment.

But they don't want to pay the $39 million it would cost, according to a survey done for Lane County's Public Safety Task Force. No, I am not going to give you more money to throw away

The survey, conducted last week, shows that 60 percent of probable voters want the county to somehow implement the $39 million plan.

However, no form of taxation - property, personal or corporate income tax, restaurant, amusement, business license or sales tax - came close to getting enough support to raise that amount of money annually if it were on the ballot today.
The survey results do not spell doom for any public safety proposal, said Jim Johnson, a former chief administrator for both Eugene and Lane County who is facilitating the task force.
"They understand the need that exists. They just don't like the price tag," Johnson said. "I do believe the survey should be used to guide the decisions being made by the task force."

explain to me why I would want to give you more funds.
Lane County sheriff, Eugene police both have stated that they will not respond to a home burglar alarm unless it is witnessed in person and verified that it is an actual alarm.
People in these areas who are paying for alarm monitoring services must also endure the extra cost by having a "security guard" travel to their home, verify that there's actually a person in the house committing a crime at the time before law enforcement will respond.

What we the people in Lane County see from our law enforcement people, is officers sitting on the side of the freeway with their lights off and running radar (that's not protecting my home) multiple stings to reduce prostitution (that's not protecting my home) the DA's office openly advertising that it will not PROSECUTE a list of crimes (that's not protecting my home), etc.

Moreover, let us not forget about how Eugene took money away from the sheriff's levy years ago for the Hult Center, twice.
Now you're asking the voters to trust you and gave you give you $39 million? NO WAY!


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