Thursday, August 04, 2005

general public tells governmental employees, NO!

Critics file initiative against proposed sales tax
the measure would amend Wood Villages charter to require a public vote on any new or increased city tax.
The Oregonian
By Eric Mortenson.

WOOD VILLAGE -- The idea of imposing a local sales tax may be dead, but a collection of Wood Village residents wants to make sure it's buried.

Residents filed an initiative Tuesday that would require a public vote on any new city tax or any increase to an existing tax.

The initiative would amend Wood Village's charter. The City Council now has the authority to enact a sales tax, which the council considered doing this spring as Mayor Dave Fuller proposed a 1 percent tax on general retail sales.

Colleen Fleming, one of the petitioners, said she attended community meetings on the sales tax idea and found she "highly disagreed" with Fuller's proposal. "To the point where I thought he was from another planet," she said.

Fleming said she opposes a sales tax -- "We're being taxed to death" -- but was more appalled that the council could enact it without a vote. "That infuriated me the most," she said.

Fleming doesn't consider Wood Village's budget problems are as severe as city officials say.

I hope that all our "representatives" (a term that I use loosely) will take note on this one.

people are getting tired of being the cash cow and having to tighten their budget while they are FORCED to give money to an organization e.g. government, which does not budget to live within their means.

it seems like every time you turn around, the government is asking for more money and is delivering less services.
It is very difficult to feel sorry for local government when a claim that they do not have money to repair roads and basic services, and then you hear in other news articles that they can spend $9 million on a skateboard park.

Yes, things are becoming more expensive. one reason for this is because of ever-increasing taxes. (see a pattern here)

Kudos to Wood Village for taking a stand and taking your government back and letting them know that money is not free.


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