Friday, September 03, 2010

Ron Wyden on health care reform... can we have a do over?

The health-care reform act otherwise known as "Obama care" which forces Americans to buy health care insurance or pay a penalty was voted in with the help of Ron Wyden,Blumenauer, DeFazio and Schrader.

Now, Oregon Senator Ron Wyden says he would like Oregon to opt out of the federal mandated healthcare.

"They [the states]can go off and do their own thing," said Ron Wyden in a telephone interview. -- the Oregonian

the power of the vote.
I believe that Ron Wyden's flip-flop on the health-care issue which he contributed and probably did not read...

["Read the bill... read the bill... why read the bill, its 2000 pages long..."]

was due to the anger from the voters regarding this issue and now he wants to opt out of the federal plan?

I feel that part of the problem stems that when you have high ranking government officials such as Nancy Pelosi who believe that "... we have to pass the bill so that you could find out what's in it" is a horrible and dangerous method of running the country.

In my opinion, it just reinforces just how out of touch our government is.

While the universal healthcare in some respects may have good intentions...

I have to ask the question that don't you think that the American people would purchase health care on their own without legislation forcing them to do so if we could actually afford it?

just remember this folks when it comes November that maybe it's time to "opt out" a few incumbents and send a message that we are tired of their games..

how they voted... CBS news


Medical Rates said...

I guess that's classic flip flop. I have a feeling we may see a few more in the next eight weeks. The reform bill is not popular, and the issue may decide (for some) whether they stay in office or not.

Gary said...

I wrote Ron Wyden about the health Care Reform bill and he answered me on April 26 of this year. Here is what he said then:

Dear Mr. McKenzie:

Thank you for taking the time to contact me regarding affordable health care. I appreciate hearing from you on this important issue.
Congress recently passed with my support and the President signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as improved by the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act. This health reform law, while not my first choice, is a real first step to reforming America’s health care system. Not only does the legislation offer the security of health care for over 30 million currently uninsured Americans, it also puts an end to abusive insurance company practices like denying someone coverage because of a pre-existing condition or charging someone more simply because she is a woman. The legislation also creates new health insurance marketplaces, called exchanges, where insurance companies will have to compete for the first time. In these exchanges, consumers will effectively be able to fire their insurance company if they don’t like them and switch to a better plan.
I have worked and will continue to work tirelessly to make sure the exchanges will be robust enough to hold costs down. As a step toward that goal, I authored language in the law that allows certain Americans to bring their employer’s contribution toward their premium with them to the exchange in the form of a tax-free voucher and use it to shop for coverage. This provision will not only bring more people to the exchanges, but it will also provide access to affordable options for people who might have otherwise gone uninsured. I pledge to continue the effort of providing all Americans with affordable, quality health insurance in the months and years ahead.
Thank you again for contacting me, and for your interest in this critical issue.

Ron Wyden
United States Senator