Friday, September 17, 2010

Chris Dudley and the 20 point plan to create jobs

Robin's commentary --the Oregonian --

Chris Dudley and the 20 point plan to create jobs [sounds like a Disney movie]

The short story is, Chris Dudley would like to cut capital gains taxes, give businesses tax credits for hiring unemployed, promote the state's natural resources and overhaul schools and universities.

Sounds good doesn't it?

Well it's the same old bullshit that we've been hearing every election.

Now to be honest, given the choice between John Kitzhaber and Chris Dudley, I'll take Chris Dudley.

Either way, the governor is only just a small part of the problem.

Here is my suggestion for how to get the economy back on its feet...

#1 -- lower taxes. For the government, it will be painful at first. They'll cry and moan and threatened to cut essential services and tell you that, "it's for the children" however, if you make it less expensive for businesses to operate and place more money in the consumer's hands, the end result would be more money flowing in the system and therefore generating more government revenue. E.g. simple economics.

#2 -- freeze school funding at current levels. Schools will NEVER have enough money. So if you freeze the funding at the current levels and tell them to live within the budget, which they would be easily able to do if they know that they have a stable income source.

#3 -- PRIORITIZE -- we have to make a decision, especially in a RECESSION, what is more important to the infrastructure. Going out and spending enormous amounts of money on Art and other feel-good projects when our streets are falling apart and we are cutting essential services such as police and fire? They tell you that it's all in the budget, or required by the city charter. BS. It is still right pocket, left pocket, it's all the same pair of pants. The feel-good projects can wait until we financially recover.

I don't run my household that way. We are running on a very reduced budget and sure, it would be nice to be able to go to the movies or eat out once in a while. But we don't. sure, I can say that I could budget entertainment all I want... but the reality is, we prioritize our spending. For example, we are saving every penny just so we can pay property taxes this year.

#4 -- IT'S NOW UP TO US -- we need to NOT reelect any incumbents, even if you like them and think they are doing a good job. Reelect them next time. This is the only time that we can really send a message that we are fed up with the status quo.

Because for all the BS that they say to get elected... (remember, they'll say anything to get reelected) this is REALLY the ONLY time that they really care about our opinion.

And if we don't act now, if we don't send a message, I predict that we are going to be in worse shape than we are now.

One final thing I want to mention...


The attitude such as Nancy Pelosi's who feels that "we need to pass the bill so that we can find out what's in it" is DEFINITELY the wrong attitude. That would be like going and buying a house and signing your mortgage contract without reading it and then being surprised about how much the payments are.

Most people that I know would not do that. They would read the contract first before signing.

We should not expect any less from our representatives.

Ray Stevens says it .


Bobkatt said...

Here is another example of local government in action.

Bobkatt said...

Sorry, here's the link:

Bobkatt said...

Hal Lillywhite has a few very important conservative concepts that I tend to agree with. Check them out if you want.

Robin said...

KPNW -interview the representatives from LTD regarding some of the art, and they said that it was mandated by the federal government and that there is nothing that they could do about it.

I don't agree with that... it's only our money.