Wednesday, June 30, 2010

if you wonder why the government is so messed up, check out this representative

Fox news --
at a town hall meeting, a member of the Minutemen seriously asked Representative Stark regarding the security of our borders, Representative Stark mocks him with ludicrous answers.
"we can't get enough minutemen armed.we'd like to get all the Minutemen arm so they can stop shooting people here." Was Starks reply.

After some prodding from the audience for a serious answer, Stark continued...
"if you knew anything about our borders, you would know that's not the case. Our borders are quite secure, thank you."

without regurgitating the whole conversation, I highly recommend viewing the video because it is just unbelievable how a representative is basically making fun of some very serious questions that are being asked.

after watching this video, you can deftly see why a lot of people are starting to take Ray Stevens advice in the video below.


clif said...

Having watched the video, I believe that this attitude is rampant among congressmen and senators... Leave them in office for a while and they actually believe they are better than us meager stupid citizens. I am convinced that many, many of the long term members of the house and senate think this way although most are not as stupid as pete stark to be this obvious in a public meeting. WE MUST START REPLACING THESE CONDESCENDING, PRETENTIOUS, BOOBS AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. And thank god for video cameras.

Bobkatt said...

This guy is what tar and feathers were invented for.

Anonymous said...


I frequently see statements that imply that the government is not spending enough on preventing illegal immigration and/or doing a poor job in enforcing immigration laws. I never see the numbers behind these statements. I have looked online for such information but so far I have not found much.

Do you ( or anyone else following this blog ) know of a good resource that summarizes current and past spending on border security as well as effectiveness of that spending?

Bobkatt said...

Turns out this piece of dirt doesn't even live in California. How can these voters be so stupid?

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