Thursday, April 29, 2010

Arizona -- making it illegal to be illegal (like Duh!!!)

Robin's commentary --

Arizona passed one of the toughest laws in the nation regarding illegal aliens...

They made it illegal to be illegal.

As stupid as that may sound... Arizona is actually picking up the slack where the federal government has dropped the ball. They have given authorization for police to check someone's immigration status if they are stopped for a LEGITIMATE reason. This has nothing to do with racial profiling as people who oppose the new law are trying to make it sound.

Let me spell this out for those who have trouble comprehending.

If you break into somebody's house you are now a criminal and you risk being arrested. Most criminals who get caught is due to some minor for traffic infraction.

Entering a foreign country unauthorized is a crime, which makes you a criminal, and if you are caught, you risk being arrested.

Under the old system, the police may discover that you are a wanted burglar by running your criminal record, however, they are not allowed check your citizenship status.

The only thing the new system does is that it gives the police the power to verify your immigration status by checking your driver's license or some other form of ID which by the way carrying ID is required already in most states. So therefore, if you are stopped for a legitimate reason and the police discover that you are not authorized to be in the United States, they now have the power to take appropriate action such as place you under arrest and leaving it up to the courts to decide what to do with you.

Remember, just as the burglar fully knew the consequences before breaking into that house, the illegal alien fully knew the consequences before crossing the border.

Now that Arizona has decided to start enforcing immigration laws, people are now calling foul and claiming that it is unfair.

To those people that are in opposition to enforce immigration laws, I ask what you feel is a solution.

Do you feel that we should just totally ignore the situation and leave our borders wide open for anybody that wishes to enter the country at will any time?

Are you fully prepared for the consequences?

And what is the message it sends to our children? That it is okay to break any law as long as enough people decide they don't want to follow it?

In that case why have speed limits?

Here's the point...

When you have a large mass of people who enter a foreign country illegally that is officially called an invasion.

And one way to judge the success of that invasion is when the schools starts requiring the grades 1-12 to learn the language of the invading country such as the one in Oregon. (Mexico has succeeded by the numbers where Japan and Germany has failed)

In closing, with 70% of the people in Arizona being in favor of the bill and other states considering to follow suit, it is going to be very interesting to see how this will play out.

At the very least, it brings the discussion of the illegal immigration back to the forefront.

I want to remind everybody... that WE as a nation are also responsible for letting illegal immigration to get to the point that it has.

We are part of the problem... and we have to be part of the solution. 12 million plus people are not going to be deported or simply leave.

This is my suggestion.

I do not believe that amnesty should be handed out as a reward for people who knowingly broke the law. However, the victims of illegal aliens are the children who were brought here at a very early age and their home country is now foreign to them. Therefore, deportation of these children is not practical or humane.

These children should be offered citizenship along with their immediate family (mother, father, brother, sister) in accordance with current INS regulations, which also includes learning English and assimilation into the culture.

After one year after the implementation of the new law, it would now be a federal crime instead of a misdemeanor to be in this country unauthorized and therefore punishment by jail time, chipped and deported.

This way, it would be fair to the children and harsh on the individuals who still refuse to go through proper channels for lawful status to be in the country.


Anonymous Gary said...

I am not a lawyer but I have read the actual bill. I think that is more than what the media and politicians can say. Read it for yourself and then make up your mind about the bill. It can be found at

1:05 PM  
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