Sunday, December 18, 2005

Is Mexico Crying for Help?

Robin's Commentary -- Should the US "liberate" the Mexican people as we are currently doing for Iran?

The US is trying to figure out a way to get the illegal immigration problem under control by changing our laws, talks of putting up a new fence on the border, etc. maybe we should stop for a minute and ask ourselves if we are approaching this problem the right way?

We have been playing defense with this issue of illegal immigration for so long that perhaps it's time to take an offensive approach to it.

When you have millions of people that are willing to risk their lives and leave their homeland every year only to come to this country they are obviously trying to send a message.

The message being sent by 400,000 Mexican people who are fleeing Mexico annually is that they are obviously screaming for help. However, their message has fallen on deaf ears from the United States because if it was any other country with a similar situation, then you could rest assured that the world police (the US) would be sticking its nose into that country's business to help its people.

So why aren't we? The answer... money and control.

Mexico supplies 1/5 of the world's oil reserves in addition to being a source of low cost labor for North American companies who build plants there. [1]

One of the arguments... is that the immigrants venture to the United States seeking work. However, according to a recent survey... most undocumented workers from Mexico had jobs before they entered the United States. Based on a survey conducted from July 12, 2004 to January 28, 2005 of 4836 Mexican immigrants in Dallas; Raleigh, North Carolina; Los Angeles; New York; Chicago; Atlanta; and Fresno, California.

Undocumented Mexican immigrants usually have been portrayed as desperate jobseekers without options in their own country. However, those surveyed who had been in the United States for two years, only 5% said that they were unemployed before venturing north.
The lure of higher wages appears to be the big incentive. [2]

Therefore, it seems that most are employed although not making large wages but employed nevertheless. With the country being so rich in resources, why leave that to come to America?

Perhaps it is a lifestyle that the Mexican people endure.

Mexico is the 14th largest country in the world, and a land of many cultures. It is a nation of young people: mostly 70% of Mexicans are under 30. [3] with a compulsory military service required for males 18 years of age with a service obligation for 12 months. [4]

It has been stated that corruption in Mexico is like a cancer that has affected almost all the body. With high pollution in its main cities, crime and drugs and the inefficiency and corruption of the police, many of whom are involved in the felonies.[3]

I don't know the answer... but I do offer up this suggestion...

It would seem like it would be economically benefit for both countries to work together to make Mexico a better living place for its citizens.

If the government is abusive to its people then perhaps we should follow suit like we did with Saddam Hussain and arrest the president and take over the country to liberate the people of Mexico.

If we can help make Mexico a better place for the Mexican people, in my opinion, that would reduce the need for them to risk their lives, risk their children's lives to leave their homes and cross the border.

At some point, the Mexican people need to stop running and need to stand up and take their country back. They need to take responsibility for their own homeland and in the sheer numbers in which they are leaving, is more than enough to accomplish this.

I am not advocating violence... there are other methods and perhaps that is exactly what they are doing now, by hurting Mexico with a declining population.

As with Iran, we should help Mexico and their people to make life better for them in their own country, so that they would not have a reason to come to this country and the illegal immigrants here could go back home to a better place.

[1] virtual Mexico
[2] the Miami Herald
[3]Semper Reformanda
[4] Mexico military 2005-flags, maps, economy
Disclaimer: the accuracy of the information presented here is dependent solely on the accuracy of the information presented on the referring web sites above and therefore should not be considered as being 100% accurate.
This article is only presented as an opinion and your comments and opposing views are welcome.


Blogger MAX Redline said...

"Robin's Commentary -- Should the US "liberate" the Mexican people as we are currently doing for Iran?

Ummm. Last I checked, the USA wasn't doing much in Iran.

4:24 PM  
Blogger Robin said...

well... er... true.. but it was just a thought. ;-)

7:48 PM  
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