Friday, January 06, 2012

president Obama announces today proposal for illegal aliens

Illegal aliens may reduce time separated from their families under a new proposal from President Obama

The new proposal which is "aimed at keeping families intact" would benefit US citizens who are married to or have children who are illegal aliens.

According to the New York Times, illegal aliens who are married to or are children of American citizens are generally allowed under the law to become legal residents under a visa known as a green card however, to acquire a green card the illegal alien must return to their home country to be eligible.

The catch (or penalty) is that once the aliens leave the United States they are automatically barred from returning to the country for at least three years.  Under the new proposal, the illegal alien can apply for a waiver if they can prove that their absence would cause "extreme hardship" to a United States citizen.

In short, the basic purpose of the proposal is to shorten the time that families are separated from each other.

oh where should I start?

Well first, let me start by saying that I am not a coldhearted bitch when it comes down to separating families, HOWEVER we're back to that same argument that they knew the risks and the penalties of being caught by breaking the law.

"Ignorance of the law is no excuse."

So I'm not going to regurgitate the argument has been said numerous times about what part of illegal don't you understand, etc. and as we all know that the government has opened up a Pandora's box by its failure to address the issue.

But the other thing that's not really being talked about yet is the timing of this proposal coming straight from CANDIDATE OBAMA, who as we all know has been in campaign mode for the last year.

We've heard it in the news numerous times, "we need the Hispanic vote to get elected..."

Isn't that being racist by focusing on one particular race for their vote?

So it will be interesting to listen to the talkshow chatter about this move and see where it goes from there.

So do you agree with the president's proposal or not?  

And of course don't be surprised if the president decides to use "executive presidential power" for amnesty or amnesty by another name.  

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