Wednesday, December 14, 2011

NTSB finds excuse to take your cell phone's totally away

The Star Telegraph

take a real close look at this picture before you do anything else.

Look at real careful and before reading the article try to picture how this happened.

And yes that is a pickup rolled up in a ball between the semi and the school bus.

Good... now would you believe that a 19-year-old texting on a cell phone could cause this?.

That's what they want you to believe...

in fact, the NTSB is wanting to take away all electronic communications including hands-free cell phone devices and is using this accident as an excuse to do so.


according to the NTSB investigation, the teenager was traveling at 55 miles an hour while the semi-had already slowed or stopped for a work zone, and then the two buses plowed into the pickup that the teenager was driving. Investigators are also saying that there is a total of 11 text that were sent and received by the teenager within or close to the time period of the accident.

but what you believe?

in fact, while putting together this article, I try to look at different sources to try and get the best information and one of the things that I came up with was a contrary information which I am showing below here.

mixed information!
one article says that
"Investigators also found significant problems with the brakes of both school buses involved in the accident. A third school bus sent to a hospital after the accident to pick up students crashed in the hospital parking lot when that bus' brakes failed.

Read more:Star Telegraph

another article claims
an inspection 10 days before the accident did not reveal faulty brakes on one of the buses, the NTSB said. The faulty brakes were not a factor in the accident, the NTSB said, because the driver said she did not hit the brakes before the crash.
read more:CNN

the unfortunate thing is that several people did lose their lives resulting from this accident and that's what the NTSB is focusing on to try and push a total electronic ban.

While the teenager was at fault, the lead bus driver wasn't paying that much attention and claims that they didn't see the brakes on the pickup come on.

tragic yes... a reason to ban all electronic devices in your car or commercial vehicle?


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