Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Moron Alert! Sales tax again

the Oregonian --

John DiLorenzo, lobbyists and lawyer would like to introduce a Sales tax In Oregon to provide [insert background harp music] basic health care coverage for everyone in the state.

his theory is by imposing a five to 7% sales tax, Oregon to raise enough money to cover everyone in the state.

the cure are all just like measure 66 and 67 and we all know how that worked out... IT FAILED BIG TIME because they didn't take into account of how many businesses and people have left the state.

DiLorenzo believes that the bonus to employers is that it could knock 15-20% off their payroll costs.


I really don't believe these morons. We are in tough times, the money tree has not only gone bare but the limbs are fallen off of it, and they still think that we have more money that we can pay in taxes, not to mention that we've already told them NO nine times on a sales tax and they still suggest it.

I sure would like to know what world these guys live in because it sure isn't mine.

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