Wednesday, March 16, 2011

May I see your cookie license please?

The Oregonian --

House Bill 3189 expands the definition of "bakery products" under Oregon law to include cookies, biscuits and crackers" ...
"bread, rolls, cakes, pies and be used as human food."

selling selling products such as cookies or other items off the official list would require an additional license.

Officer: I would like to see your cookie license please!

Baker: what do you mean?

Officer: look buddy!! either you have a license or you don't!

Baker: I'm sorry officer, I thought that I had a cookie endorsement underneath my donut license.


MAX Redline said...

Isn't it nice to see our legislators working hard to solve Oregon's most pressing issues?

Unknown said...

I might have read the article wrong but what I gather from it is that if you already have a cake, donut, bread, etc. license then you would also be covered for baking cookies without a separate one.
Of course the consequences of this will probably be that schools can't have a bake sale, assuming they still do.

Robin said...

they are just after your dough.

Unknown said...