Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mercy Flights out of Medford, Oregon fined $30,000 over use the word "OUR" by US Department of Transportation

ABC news --

Mercy Flights of Oregon was fined $30,000 for referring to a helicopter owned by BTS LLC, which purchased the helicopter for exclusive use by Mercy Flights with an agreement that the nonprofit pays for all operating cost as "ours."

The complaint by the US Transportation Department claims that Mercy Flights, referred to that helicopter as "Our" Emergency Medical Transport Helicopter Ambulance in the Mercy Flights newsletter that Mercy Flights according to Deputy General Counsel Rosalind "Lindy" Knapp, of the Transportation Department broke the law prohibiting unfair and deceptive practices of sales of air transportation by using the personal pronoun "our" while referring to the helicopter.

Mercy Flights will only have to pay half that amount if it avoids more pronoun violations for a year.

I reread this story several times and the way that I understand it, the helicopter is not up for sale (only its services) and its use is being donated by BTS LLC.

And yes, looking through their website I did see several times were there was references to "our helicopter pilots..." & "our service", etc.

Big deal!

It's just like my house for example; I referred to it as "my House" or "our house" even though technically until it's paid off the bank still owns "the House."

So if I was to use this example that the US Department of Transportation is using against the Mercy Flights, then when it comes time to sell "my House", I would have to in the advertisements referred to it as, "their house" so I do not get fined for not using the proper pronouns.

Mercy flights is a nonprofit organization, and to be honest, who really cares who owns the helicopter if the helicopter is not up for sale, and when that time does come... since BTS LLC currently holds the title for the aircraft, I am very sure that point will come out.

I'm just glad that Brim Aviation, Timberland and Siskiyou Transportation formed the company BTS LLC and acquired a helicopter for Mercy Flights use.

As for "Lindy" Knapp, I think she needs to get out of the house more often.


OregonGuy said...

City of Warrenton levels off the top of a hill in order to build a new water reservoir.

When it rains, the disturbed dirt turns into mud, which runs down the hill.

DEQ fines the City of Warrenton for sediment in run-off.

It's not just a feature, it's a bug.

Robin said...

same with the EPA after farmers for dust created while driving down dirt roads or plowing.

EPA is just getting too big and out of control

Dave's Advocates said...

Robin, you might want to dig-a- little deeper at BTS, AKA, Brim Aviation, Siskiyou & Timberland transports which are one in the same. Same Gibson guy and Brim in bed $$$ together. Sometimes things are not as the local paper reports. Lindy Knapp, Esquire is no fool. Google baby Google :)

Unknown said...

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