Monday, October 10, 2005

Stolen Band Equipment -- Update

The van was recovered, however of course it was empty.
I think that it is really great that some members of the community are getting together to try and raise money to help John out, there's talk of a benefit deal in the works.

I will post information on here when I receive more details.

if you have any information about the equipment listed below or would like to contribute, John can be reached at

they have done so much for our community, so if there's anything that you can do to help, it would be more than appreciated.

List of stolen equipment,


This was stolen, along with my van, from the parking lot at McMenamin’s North Bank on Sunday, Oct 2, 2:30 p.m.

ENSONIQ MR-76 keyboard, s/n MR-13540. Black, has right end cap broken.

2 JBL EON powered speakers, s/n 10G2-36975 and 10G2-37351. New condition.

FENDER CYBER TWIN guitar amp, with cover. S/n M1210381. Some knobs broken off.

PEAVEY KB/A keyboard amp, s/n 101730?887 (one number unreadable)-older, a bit worn.

STEPHENS electric guitar, 2 pickups, natural finish. No serial number available. Older, with visible wear on neck; not a common brand.

Also stolen were; an Ultimate tripod keyboard stand, 3 Shure SM-58 mics, 2 SM-57s, 2 speaker stands, a sony wireless guitar reciever, Rolls MIDI footswitch controller, and LOTS of 1/4", XLR, and speaker cords & adaptors.

If you see any of my gear, please contact:

Eugene police, 682-5111. This is case # 88015


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