Friday, December 16, 2011

do you agree that illegal immigrants should have the right to vote?

Fox News --

New Haven Mayor John DeStefano commented on Tuesday that illegal immigrants [aliens] pay taxes indirectly through rent and send their children to local schools -- and therefore should be able to vote.

Elizabeth Benton, spokesperson for DeStefano said "we're not seeking to apply this to any other city, this is about New Haven and what we think makes sense for New Haven... we want every adult in our community... to be able to vote in local elections that affects their families and futures."

She continued to say that this is not as much as an immigration issue as it is a New Haven resident issue.

in 2007, New Haven made national headlines when it approved a program providing municipal identification cards for all residents including illegal aliens for access to services such as banking and using the library.

when I heard this over the radio, my jaw dropped in dismay as I wondered where our country is coming to.

How many people have died for our freedom and to protect our right to vote?

in my opinion this not only cheapens what it means to be a citizen but it also is a slap in the face to all those people who spent the time, money and effort to come here legally to join American society.

And I don't think I'm being racist when I say "Hell no" to allowing people who are not even supposed to be in the country in the first place, full privileges of being a citizen.

Part of the reason why we have the problem that we have with the illegal immigration is that we turned our backs on enforcement and basically held the door open and now everybody's paying the price for it.

So the next time unfortunately when somebody makes a comment that our country is not for sale...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

how would you feel about video recording devices in your vehicle?

Robin's commentary --

We all know that the government looks for any type of excuse to put new regulations on us and I was not a bit surprised that the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) voted unanimously to recommend to ban all electronic devices while the driver is driving...

And yes that means the use of hands-free cell phones.

They are also recommending
"Require all heavy commercial vehicles to be equipped with video event recorders that capture data in connection with the driver and the outside environment and roadway in the event of a crash or sudden deceleration event. The device should create recordings that are easily accessible for review when conducting efficiency testing and systemwide performance-monitoring programs. (H-10-10)
Require motor carriers to review and use video event recorder information in conjunction with other performance data to verify that driver actions are in accordance with company and regulatory rules and procedures essential to safety. (H-10-11) read more from the NTSB...

and that's not even the half of it.

I wish that I could post the whole article on here but of course copyright regulations prevents me from doing it so I highly recommend that you go to the link above and read the entire article and the NTSB's recommendations.

some will say that the NTSB can not create new regulations they can only make recommendations however, the new nationwide handheld cell phone ban was recently passed due to the NTSB recommendations.

so when is enough... enough?

How much of big brother do we have to have in our lives?

I get pretty tired of using safety as an excuse for replacing common sense to add new regulations.

And while some will say especially regarding commercial vehicles that having a video recording of the driver in order to fight (get ready for here's the buzzword) driver fatigue, they don't look at the real reasons for the fatigue which I will not go into at this writing.

Just remember, today they're talking about commercial vehicles for the installation of video recording devices. Cars already have black boxes in them to reconstruct an accident it's only a matter of time before agencies like the NTSB recommends video recording devices in all vehicles.

Just my opinion.

NTSB finds excuse to take your cell phone's totally away

The Star Telegraph

take a real close look at this picture before you do anything else.

Look at real careful and before reading the article try to picture how this happened.

And yes that is a pickup rolled up in a ball between the semi and the school bus.

Good... now would you believe that a 19-year-old texting on a cell phone could cause this?.

That's what they want you to believe...

in fact, the NTSB is wanting to take away all electronic communications including hands-free cell phone devices and is using this accident as an excuse to do so.


according to the NTSB investigation, the teenager was traveling at 55 miles an hour while the semi-had already slowed or stopped for a work zone, and then the two buses plowed into the pickup that the teenager was driving. Investigators are also saying that there is a total of 11 text that were sent and received by the teenager within or close to the time period of the accident.

but what you believe?

in fact, while putting together this article, I try to look at different sources to try and get the best information and one of the things that I came up with was a contrary information which I am showing below here.

mixed information!
one article says that
"Investigators also found significant problems with the brakes of both school buses involved in the accident. A third school bus sent to a hospital after the accident to pick up students crashed in the hospital parking lot when that bus' brakes failed.

Read more:Star Telegraph

another article claims
an inspection 10 days before the accident did not reveal faulty brakes on one of the buses, the NTSB said. The faulty brakes were not a factor in the accident, the NTSB said, because the driver said she did not hit the brakes before the crash.
read more:CNN

the unfortunate thing is that several people did lose their lives resulting from this accident and that's what the NTSB is focusing on to try and push a total electronic ban.

While the teenager was at fault, the lead bus driver wasn't paying that much attention and claims that they didn't see the brakes on the pickup come on.

tragic yes... a reason to ban all electronic devices in your car or commercial vehicle?


Wednesday, December 07, 2011

'M-A-S-H' star Harry Morgan dies at age 96

Star Gazette

Harry Morgan who played Col. Sherman Potter on MASH died today at the age of 96 at his Brentwood home after having pneumonia.

Morgan was also know for his role as Sgt. Joe Friday's loyal partner in later "Dragnet" episodes.

Harry Morgan RIP

Presidential Candidates -- do your homework

CBS News--
on a morning radio program, Newt Gingrich was asked what he would do about Syria in 30 seconds or less where antigovernment protests has led to a violent crackdown.
his response...
"I can give you a three-second answer. Replace Assad. I mean Assad is our enemy. He is an ally of Iran. It is a bad dictatorship. It is to our interest to get rid of dictators of this kind."

although Gingrich did not specify which methods that he would use, he did acknowledge that there would be consequences.

before commenting, I recommend reading the entire article at the link above.

My first impression when I read the article however was, "here we go again trying to be the world police and we cannot even take care of our own house."

the other point that he made that stood out was, "it is in our best interest to get rid of dictators of this kind."

I understand the thinking that we need to get involved if it goes against OUR best interest... but my thinking is that unless they prove to be a direct threat to the United States or other countries with undeniable evidence [referring to the false allegations of weapons of mass destruction] what right do we have to go overseas and get involved in other countries affairs?

In fact, have we ever had a presidency where we have NOT been in a war?

Our own country is falling apart at its knees to the point that like you would normally see overseas with people marching in the streets who would've thought that some of those images would actually from our own country.

Granted, the occupied movement is getting a little carried away... however, if you look at the original nationwide movement and the fact that people from all walks of life participated, that says that there may be a problem going on.

However, when coverups and denial have become the norm for government, where our leaders approval rating has reached below 9%, we need to not be so worried about other countries and less like I said they are a DIRECT threat to us.

Like the old saying... you can't help somebody unless you can help yourself.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Herman Cain decides to suspend his campaign

CBS news --

Herman Cain said that he would be "technically suspending" his bid for the presidency after the latest in five allegations from women who claimed that they have had relations with Cain.

The now former GOP candidate said in a statement alongside his wife Gloria, "I'm not going to be silenced and I'm not going away.... I am suspending my presidential campaign because of the continued distraction, the continued hurt caused on me and my family..."

does that sound familiar?

If you recall, when Ross Perot was running for president as an independent, he rose in popularity very quickly in a short period of time, in fact, both the Democrats and Republicans were so worried about him that they started mimicking his style. Yes, in short we were being "charted" to death. I have a chart that I would like to show you... :-)

In the end, Ross Perot dropped out of the race when his family began to be threatened.

In my opinion, I think that's was going on here as Herman Cain is obviously a serious threat to the GOP as if looks like he could realistically win the Republican nomination.

#1 just like with Ross Perot, how fast he came up in the ranks out of nowhere got the good old boys extremely worried.

#2 his sudden popularity in the following even though he is not an experienced politician. It is for that reason that a lot of people are really excited about them.

#3 he has a history in business and a proven track record of fixing failing businesses. The organization or business known as the United States of America need somebody who is experienced in managing a large corporation successfully. Politicians at the helm as best they those with no previous business or work experience is not what we need in the Oval Office at this moment.

#4 although not perfect, his popularity in wanting to change the tax code. OUCH! There is too much power and money at risk to start meddling with the system.

#5 it would be really hard for president Obama to pull the race card out again when his opponent is the same color.

#6 the same reason that president Obama got elected was that Americans are tired of the same old same old in DC. The common thinking at least in my little circle of friends, was that there was no way that we wanted to put Bush or a bush like candidate in office and pretty much that's what Senator John McCain was.

Course on the other hand, president Obama got elected by acting like a used car salesman and telling people what they wanted to hear.

"Hope and change."

What is interesting however is that how easily a sexual allegation can destroy a candidate and since the first four did not have a serious impact on Herman Cain's numbers, #5 turned out to be the death blow.

Even though Herman Cain still vows to continue to be a presence in the background just like Sarah Palin starting with his website, you really need to step back for a moment and look at the big picture of what recently happened.

Start with looking at the timing of these women that have come out and made the allegations and almost in perfect order, how each one's allegations topped the other one.

Sadly, I think many people would agree that if Herman Cain did not drop out of the race with now, that there would soon be threats on his life.

In the meantime, the not ready for prime time presidential candidates show must go on.