Friday, April 15, 2011

Fees attached to tuition

On Lars Larson today, they were talking about extra activity student programs that have nothing to do with education...

and because I love Lane Community College so much, I thought that I'd point out some of the extra tuition fees that students are required to pay...

$5.00 Technology fee - use of computers labs, etc
$27.00 Transportation fee - [this pays for LTD whether you use the bus or not!]
$12.00 Student Health
$30.00 1st time enrollment fee

Special activity fees...

$46.25 student activity fee -- this is broken down to...
$3.00 OSPRIG
$7.62 co-op
$7.44 ASLCC operations
$12.00 recreational sports
$2.00 International Study program
$0.50 BSU (Black Student Union)
$2.00 Women's program
$2.75 Torch (Student newspaper)
$1.90 CDC Subsidy (child Dev)
$3.00 Longhouse Building
$0.50 Student Production Association
$1.00 Learning Garden

I don't think that every student has access to everything that they are paying for.


Blogger MAX Redline said...

I don't have a problem with things like the $5.00 computer fee - assuming that the student actually uses on-site systems.

The first-time enrollment fee also seems reasonable.

The rest is BS. If OSPIRG wants cash, they should go canvass for it like other organizations, and that applies to all of the other "student activity fees" as well.

It may be different now, but when I was in college, I opted out of a lot of fees. As I told the admin lady, "If I'm not using it, I'm not paying for it". Note: even then, you had to be aggressive - most students passively paid the "required fees".

12:31 PM  
Anonymous Gary said...

It's been 11 years since I was an instructor at LCC but even then there were to many required fees. The students in my program had classes from 8:00 am to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday. They didn't have time for all that stuff. The biggest fit was when we had several displaced timber workers and OSPRIG wanted the forests shut down. We had several students that were upset about paying those fees. There was a little tension in the air back then. The computer fee was also a bit of politics. Our department was much more advanced when it came to computers and printers. We build on of the first computer-based labs that was defiantly state of the art. When we told Boeing how it was setup, they told us ye was even better than theirs. Anyway, Computer Services wouldn't support it unless we turned it over to them and had our students pay the fee. Empire building at it's finest. But that wasn't the only time, I could tell you things about LCC that would make blood come pouring out of your eyes. I guess that is a big reason I don't work there anymore.

12:42 AM  
Blogger OregonGuy said...

Is a woman worth four times more than a black? Are there promises of mules involved?

9:23 PM  
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