Monday, March 28, 2011

HEY! I'm broke and homeless, so take your fines and .....

The Oregonian--
a frustrated Ashland city Council is considering an "exclusion zone" as an alternative to the thousands of dollars in unpaid fines for nuisance violations such as urinating and sleeping on private property by the city's homeless population.

I don't get it... why aren't these people paying these fines?
Like duh, they're homeless!!

Police Chief Terry Holderness commented that some homeless people who do have jobs must pay off the thousands of dollars in fines before they receive any money from their paychecks and that this may contribute to the long-term homelessness.

A violation of the exclusion zones would lead to arrest for criminal trespass.

downtown Eugene is littered with homeless people on just about every street corner asking for money.

Which I find very interesting because according to the US government and the University of Oregon, the recession is officially over and we should be in times of great prosperity.

But I digress... for whatever reason a person's homeless or for that matter is barely struggling to eat, I am sure that the last thing that is on list of priorities is paying a fine.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor Dies at 79

ABC New--

Actress Elizabeth Taylor best known for her roles in Cleopatra and "who's afraid of Virginia Woolf" died at the age of 79 from congestive heart failure.

I was really never a fan of the Elizabeth Taylor however she was one of the all-time greats.

rest in peace Elizabeth

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

May I see your cookie license please?

The Oregonian --

House Bill 3189 expands the definition of "bakery products" under Oregon law to include cookies, biscuits and crackers" ...
"bread, rolls, cakes, pies and be used as human food."

selling selling products such as cookies or other items off the official list would require an additional license.

Officer: I would like to see your cookie license please!

Baker: what do you mean?

Officer: look buddy!! either you have a license or you don't!

Baker: I'm sorry officer, I thought that I had a cookie endorsement underneath my donut license.

A ban that I can live with

NPR --

is driving with a pet in your lap a good idea?

No, this is not a Geico commercial it is a ban that lawmakers are considering Senate Bill 160 which would create a $90 fine for driving with pets in your lap.

first thing I think is an excellent idea.
Driving around with a pet sitting in your lap and/or hanging out the driver side window is not only distracting but dangerous.

But then again... "you can't fix stupid!"

Thursday, March 03, 2011

something to consider before buying that android phone

Robin's commentary --

(a shorter version)

Be wary when switching your cell phone carriers as there might be some unexpected surprises.

The first point, is the android.

If the android operating system is 2.1 it will not work with hands-free dialing with your Bluetooth. yeah, you think a smart phone would do everything and wouldn't think twice about the lack of Bluetooth functionality with something as simple as dialing hands-free.

Point 2 if you're switching to cricket and change your mind here is a warning to be aware of.

The cell phones that cricket offers has a 30 MINUTE TALK WARRANTEE FOR REFUND!

So if you change your mind and want to go back to your previous carrier you are not eligible for refund on your phone no matter how many minutes that you placed on it.

Let me quickly explain.

"Porting" a number from one carrier to another is easy.

Porting your number away from cricket back to your carrier closes the cricket account.

If you close the cricket account they CANNOT REFUND YOUR MONEY!

If cricket closes the account for you, YOU WILL LOSE YOUR PHONE NUMBER!

If your new carrier ports the number, it will automatically close your cricket account and you will still LOSE YOUR MONEY."


Don't make the same mistake that I did.

PS... the cricket customer service department sucks.

When you call them... assuming you can actually get through the automated operator... you have your choice of talking with somebody in Spanish or almost English. Talking with somebody that actually knows what's going on is actually a flip of the coin.