Friday, December 10, 2010


Robin's commentary

Amnesty for illegals or righting a wrong?

Or, based on our government's history, it's or something else going on in the background is the reason why they are pushing so hard to pass this fact?

I have been following this issue for quite some time and reading comments from readers on news articles and I have to ask a couple questions.

For example...

Senate majority leader Harry Reid says that "the DREAM ACT is not a symbolic vote [and] we owe it to the young men and women whose lives will be affected by this bill, and to the country which NEEDS their service in the military and their skills in building our economy..."

Reid continues: "members on both sides of the aisle need to ask himself if we can afford to say to these talented men and women there is no place in America for you."

Okay... I can understand his reasoning based on the above comments. However... a couple of questions and issues come to mind.

What happens to the families of these children once they become citizens under the DREAM ACT?

Their families are still eligible for deportation, in fact, unless these newly legalized children have dual citizenship (or a passport) they will not be able to travel or even visit with their families if they are deported.

So to correct risk of "separation of the family" we offer a blanket amnesty to the families of the children under the DREAM ACT?

In various news photos of children pushing for the DREAM ACT, we see some (not all) waving the Mexican flag.

does that mean while there are pushing to become "legal" within the United States, that their loyalties are not to America but to the country that they supposedly "do not remember"?

Should as part of the DREAM ACT requirements they should be required to sign an oath of loyalty to our country?

To summarize my stand on the DREAM ACT, it is not the children's fault that they were brought over here at a very young age and are now forced to face the consequences that has been handed to them by their parents.

If you placed yourself into their situation... it's very scary.

Their parents however (the ones that consciously made the decision to cross international borders knowing full well the consequences) should still be held accountable.

The question is... how?

And what about the rest of us?

Spanish immersion is now becoming a requirement at all grade levels. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

After all, the undeniable facts are is that they are the ones from a foreign country. But I guess that doesn't matter anymore.


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