Sunday, November 28, 2010

Les Schwab Tire Center Eugene (part one)

Robin's commentary --

As a rule I normally don't focus on any particular company or individual outside of the normal political arena (except for Lane community college because I have a dog in the fight and I think that they're the biggest rip-off in local education)

But I'm going make an exception regarding a local tire company in both Eugene and Springfield because I have NEVER had a good experience with them, and the more that I think about my recent experience, the more pissed off I get.

Part 1 -- the Eugene Les Schwab tire Center.

Several weeks ago in West Eugene I picked up a nail in my tire on a Sunday and of course therefore had the customary "flat" that goes along with the said nail.

Okay, nothing unusual about that.

These are virgin (non-recaps) Toyo tires that were purchased from Les Schwab in Springfield (which I will talk about in part two) with about 50% tread left on them.

Anyway, in order to make the tire hold air, I put a "plug" in the tire which I have done many times before with both bias ply and yes, radial tires with great success.

It was lunchtime when I "plugged" the tire and when I got off work at 4 p.m., the tire was still holding pressure with no air loss.

When I got off work... I decided that I would wander down to my nearby Les Schwab tire Center located on West 11th in Eugene Oregon and have the tire patched.

I arrived at Les Schwab roughly 4:10 p.m.. They were a little bit busy so I expected somewhat of a delay before they could get to my tire. I inform the person at the counter that I did not have a lot money and I only want the tire patched.

After waiting approximately 30 minutes, they pulled my car in and about five minutes later, the mechanic wants to talk to me about my tire.

So I go to the area where the mechanic is working on my car and noticed that he had pulled the donut out of the trunk (making a huge mess in the trunk by the way) and thereby informed me that my tire was ruined and could not be patched.

(remember, it only had a nail hole it.)

The mechanic had already removed the "plug" from the tire leaving me with no choice but to leave with the donut in place.

I asked if he would patch the tire anyways and I would not hold them to a warranty, and they still refused.

I returned to the front counter to finish up the paperwork where at least they did not charge me for the mess that they left me in my trunk but did give me an estimate of $338 to replace all my tires and I guess forgetting that I mentioned earlier that I didn't have any money to buy a single tire so they figure that I must have enough of money to buy a full set of four.

what an insult!

My main bitch and moan in this particular case is twofold...

#1 when I went into Les Schwab, I had four tires.
When I left Les Schwab I had three tires and a donut.

#2 my trunk is a mess. I was not asked if I was interested in using the donut, I did not give permission for the mechanic to go into my trunk and he could have at least put everything back where he found it instead... I felt like I was treated like a person who was a total inconvenience to them because I was not interested in buying a full set of tires when all I needed was one tire repaired.

if you have had a good or bad experience with Les Schwab tire centers, I would like to hear it.

I also would like to give the opportunity for Les Schwab to comment on my complaint.
By the way, I would be directing my complaint directly to the corporate office of Les Schwab tire Center except they do not have on their website any way to contact them directly.

Oh yes, what happened with the tire... I hobbled my way home from West Eugene to East Springfield and grabbed a unmounted spare tire and took it over to the Tire Factory 4157 Main Street in Springfield where I was in and out with a mounted and balanced tire placed on the vehicle in under 15 minutes. The people there were friendly and I felt like they appreciated my business.


Blogger Bobkatt said...

Sorry for your unpleasant experience.
I have never had a problem with Schwab except they always seem very busy.
I worked at a local new car dealership for 30 years and remember that there were some laws enacted in the 90's I think that affected what shops could legally do to your car when you brought it in. Thanks Nanny State.
I remember being told that if a customer comes in to have brakes checked that if the car was deemed unsafe it had to be repaired or impounded or towed away. We could not release it to the owner unsafe. This may also apply to tires, I don't know.
My question is why don't you just drive the tire with the plug in it if it doesn't leak? I have been plugging my own tires for years with no problem.

11:02 AM  
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