Tuesday, August 03, 2010



Members of the Oregon human rights commission appealed to Eugene city Council to boycott All-City business with Arizona.
"Eugene City Councilor Andrea Ortiz said, the council will look at passing a resolution, though it would likely be more moderate than other that have been passed by other cities."

According to numerous polls taken all over the nation by a variety of polling organization, the MAJORITY of the citizens polled approve SB-1070; in fact there are approximately 20 other states that are considering similar legislation.

In my own opinion, I think that before the city Council or any other type of governing body that makes a determination that represents my city and state, they should take it to a vote of the people FIRST!

Because I know for a fact that you don't speak for me when it comes down to boycotting Arizona, in fact, not only do I applaud Arizona, I would like to see a similar ordinance in Oregon. [not that that whatever happened, but it would be interesting to put it to a vote]

I also give Governor Jan Brewer kudos for having the guts to go up against the federal government for something that she believes in and what the people wanted her to do.

I also have to disagree with city Councilor Andrea Ortiz in regards to "There are multiple, on a daily basis, anti-immigration laws going around all through the United States." Because apparently she is confused on this issue.

First of all, let me point out that they are NOT anti-immigration laws.

NOBODY is trying to pass any laws against immigrants.

They ARE trying to pass laws to enforce those who violate immigration laws.

By definition,

Immigrant -- a person who has entered the country legally through proper channels.

Illegal alien -- a person who has entered the country ILLEGALLY without proper authorization to be here.

Simply put, the so-called "anti-immigration laws" as Ortiz puts it are the states that are trying to enforce the laws that the federal government fails to do.

However, if you want to talk about discrimination or racism...

how about the fact that citizens are being forced to become bilingual within our own country in order to find work. This is another example of something that would not even be an issue if our immigration laws were followed and enforced.


Blogger OregonGuy said...

I think the Ducks should be forced to miss their match-ups with the Arizona schools this year.

That will send a clear message.

11:05 AM  
Anonymous clif said...

Now this is why we have economics problems.... this is the most absurd thing to contemplate... not far behind declaring skunks to be the state cat... It may sound harmless.... (it doesn't) but all these trivial things cost mone and even more they cost the time of our public servants. (PUBLIC SERVANTS) When we elect a person to public (PUBLIC) office, they are supposed to represent us.. our views and needs.... I don't believe the majority of people want to have our public money --our taxes-- thrown around... squandered... come on folks it does no one any good to say we are boycotting arizona, I thought our government was supposed to be for local business not against it. I think our elected officials should have enough to do trying to keep oregon afloat in these days of economic recession... stay out of other states business!!!!

1:09 PM  
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