Monday, August 30, 2010

Labor Day event 4,5,6 th

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Nick and Lynn of BlogTalkRadios' Nick & Lynnes Politics Conservative Corner will be hosting a Labor day marathon September 4,5,6 broadcasting live from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Pacific time along with 20 plus BlogTalkRadio Hosts nationwide to bring awareness of the issues that seniors, and less fortunate face today and what we could do to help in the future.

Nick and Lynn will be hosting the event from the senior building at 24950 E Hawkstone Loop, liberty Lake Washington with room up to 200 people. All are welcome to stop by during the three-day event and are encouraged to call the supporting shows with their stories and suggestions.

For more information may be obtained by contacting Nick or Lynn at, or visit their website, by phone (509) 474-1239 or 24950E Hawkstone Loop apt 103 Liberty Lake WA

About BlogTalkRadio: BlogTalkRadio allows anyone, anywhere the ability to host a live, Internet talk radio show. BlogTalkRadio with an audience of over 2.4 million listeners each month and growing offers a wide variety of live shows hosted by ordinary people to celebrities. Guests have included politicians from John McCain to famous celebrities, including well-known talk show hosts such as Glenn Beck with his Morning Prayer show.

Washington Post article--

this event is totally being funded by Nick & Lynn out of their own pockets.

They spent lots of hours putting this event together and organizing and coordinating with other BlogTalkRadio show hosts in order to bring issues regarding seniors and the less fortunate out to the general public.

It'll be worth checking out, and I deftly encourage anyone, especially seniors with stories to tell regarding health care, Medicare or Medicaid, or just how they were treated from their family doctors to call the shows and to share their stories and suggestions on what they feel that help improve the system.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mercy Flights out of Medford, Oregon fined $30,000 over use the word "OUR" by US Department of Transportation

ABC news --

Mercy Flights of Oregon was fined $30,000 for referring to a helicopter owned by BTS LLC, which purchased the helicopter for exclusive use by Mercy Flights with an agreement that the nonprofit pays for all operating cost as "ours."

The complaint by the US Transportation Department claims that Mercy Flights, referred to that helicopter as "Our" Emergency Medical Transport Helicopter Ambulance in the Mercy Flights newsletter that Mercy Flights according to Deputy General Counsel Rosalind "Lindy" Knapp, of the Transportation Department broke the law prohibiting unfair and deceptive practices of sales of air transportation by using the personal pronoun "our" while referring to the helicopter.

Mercy Flights will only have to pay half that amount if it avoids more pronoun violations for a year.

I reread this story several times and the way that I understand it, the helicopter is not up for sale (only its services) and its use is being donated by BTS LLC.

And yes, looking through their website I did see several times were there was references to "our helicopter pilots..." & "our service", etc.

Big deal!

It's just like my house for example; I referred to it as "my House" or "our house" even though technically until it's paid off the bank still owns "the House."

So if I was to use this example that the US Department of Transportation is using against the Mercy Flights, then when it comes time to sell "my House", I would have to in the advertisements referred to it as, "their house" so I do not get fined for not using the proper pronouns.

Mercy flights is a nonprofit organization, and to be honest, who really cares who owns the helicopter if the helicopter is not up for sale, and when that time does come... since BTS LLC currently holds the title for the aircraft, I am very sure that point will come out.

I'm just glad that Brim Aviation, Timberland and Siskiyou Transportation formed the company BTS LLC and acquired a helicopter for Mercy Flights use.

As for "Lindy" Knapp, I think she needs to get out of the house more often.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Would you break the law if it meant your health or your life?


Would you break the law if it meant your health or your life?

How about trying to sleep in a room that is 115° and knowing that you have an air conditioner available but BY LAW YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO USE IT.

Most people are unaware that this unhealthy and totally avoidable situation is what thousands of truck drivers are faced with under the new EPA's anti-idling regulations that prevents drivers from idling their trucks during times of extreme weather conditions.

Violators of these regulations in some areas risk fines up to $10,000 per day and one year of imprisonment.
Here is an example of some of the rules and penalties compiled by state
If you have any stories to tell regarding these anti-Idol laws, we would love to hear from you.

please call the show this Saturday 10am PT 646-721-9887 or send us an e-mail at and we'll read them on the air.

this is a very important issue that needs to be brought out to the public's attention... hope you can be there.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Danny" Quayle's son, Ben running for Congress is a little bit more straightforward than his father.

former Vice President Dan Quayle who served under George H. Bush (1989-1993), was the butt of many jokes during his term.

His son on the other hand... seems to be a little bit more direct and to the point.

the federal government says that he discriminates against Hispanics
So we're going to sue him

The Washington Post --

Department of Justice officials in Washington are threatening to sue Sheriff Joe Arpaio a.k.a. "America's toughest Sheriff" it does not cooperate with investigations of whether he discriminates against Hispanics.

additionally, a federal grand jury in Phoenix is examining whether the sheriff has misused his powers to investigate and intimidate political opponents including misappropriation of government money.

"...Arpaio has in recent years become a kind of folk hero to those who favor his heavily publicized "crime sweeps," conducted mostly in Hispanic neighborhoods. But civil rights groups accuse the 78-year-old lawman of racial profiling..."

so he only discriminates against Hispanics, eh?
Okay, what the federal grand jury is actually saying is that he should discriminate against more races. [Just kidding]

I mean give me a break... if I was a detective working for the police department in the alcohol and drug division and I'm looking to nab a drug dealer... where would I start looking?

More than likely I would start with where known drug dealers hang out. [Nope, can't do that, that would be profiling.]

While I was in the suspected neighborhood known for drug dealing, I would look for somebody "suspicious" or that would "fit the typical description of a drug dealer." [Nope, once again can't do that, that would be profiling.]

Maybe I would set up a sting operation and try to buy drugs from the dealer. [No way, can't do that either. That's profiling and entrapment.]

So what's a sheriff to do?

let's analyze Sheriff Joe's situation and see if it actually passed the tests for profiling against Hispanics.

Fact: the largest and fastest-growing population of illegal aliens in the United States is from Mexico.

Fact: Arizona has an unusually high number of the illegal aliens in their state from Mexico.

Fact: most Mexicans are Hispanic.

Therefore... if I was looking to catch the largest number of illegal aliens in one raid, logic dictates that I would probably focus on the white, black, senior retirement neighborhoods or Chinatown [if Arizona has one].


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Update -- seven-year-old girl gives lemonade stand a second try

OPB --

Portland radio station KRSK and Les Schwab Tire Centers helped Julie with her second lemonade stand and managed to raise $1838.31, enough to send both her and her mother on a trip to Disneyland.
it is a shame that it had to make nationwide attention over this issue, however, kudos to the community for stepping in and local businesses for helping out.

I just have a gut feeling that the IRS and Oregon will now be asking for their share of the proceeds.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Inspectors shut down child's lemonade stand in Portland Oregon

Robin's Commentary --

There's been quite an uproar over a seven-year-olds lemonade stand in northeast Portland at a monthly neighborhood event called "Last Thursday" which appropriately named is held on the last Thursday of every month on Alberta Street Arts District located along NE Alberta Street, where artists can come and display their arts and businesses stay open late to accommodate the function.

The back story is when seven-year-old Julie Murphy along with her mother Maria Fife had set up their lemonade stand and within 20 minutes, they were approached by the Multnomah County health Department inquiring if Murphy had a $120 temporary restaurant license to sell lemonade.

When they were informed that they could be facing a $500 fine, Julie and her mother started to tear down the lemonade stand.

People staffing the booths next to them started telling the inspectors that they had no right to kick them out of the neighborhood gathering and suggested that Julie and her mother give away the lemonade for free and only accept donations. Shortly after, two inspectors came back and according to Fife, "it was a very big scene."

Eric Pippert, manager for the state's public health division said, "when you go to a public event and set up shop, you're suddenly engaging in commerce... the fact that you are small-scale I don't think it's relevant"

The news of the event went national.

Chairman Jeff Cogan, Chief Diversity and Equity Officer commented that the inspectors were "following the rule book," however, should've taken into consideration that the food safety laws are primarily aimed at adults engaging in a professional food business, not kids running lemonade stands.

Cogan later spoke with Fife to apologize.

Michael Franklin, the man next to the lemonade booth, who also has his own blog talk radio show, Bottom-Up Radio Network (B.U.R.N) and who interviewed Fife on his show regarding the incident, is organizing a "lemonade revolt" for the last Thursday event in August. He is calling on as many people as he can to grab space for lemonade stands on Alberta between Northeast 25th and Northeast 26 streets.

Links to information --

Multnomah County chair Jeff Cogan

Portland lemonade stand runs into health inspectors -- the Oregonian

Multnomah County Chairman Jeff Cogan apologizes -- the Oregonian

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Why there is high unemployment

Community Service Officer A - City of Eugene
Minimum Qualifications


One year of experience providing public assistance in a social service and/or criminal justice environment.


High school diploma or GED.

Fluency in Spanish language is desirable; Preference may be given to
applicants with Spanish language skills.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010



Members of the Oregon human rights commission appealed to Eugene city Council to boycott All-City business with Arizona.
"Eugene City Councilor Andrea Ortiz said, the council will look at passing a resolution, though it would likely be more moderate than other that have been passed by other cities."

According to numerous polls taken all over the nation by a variety of polling organization, the MAJORITY of the citizens polled approve SB-1070; in fact there are approximately 20 other states that are considering similar legislation.

In my own opinion, I think that before the city Council or any other type of governing body that makes a determination that represents my city and state, they should take it to a vote of the people FIRST!

Because I know for a fact that you don't speak for me when it comes down to boycotting Arizona, in fact, not only do I applaud Arizona, I would like to see a similar ordinance in Oregon. [not that that whatever happened, but it would be interesting to put it to a vote]

I also give Governor Jan Brewer kudos for having the guts to go up against the federal government for something that she believes in and what the people wanted her to do.

I also have to disagree with city Councilor Andrea Ortiz in regards to "There are multiple, on a daily basis, anti-immigration laws going around all through the United States." Because apparently she is confused on this issue.

First of all, let me point out that they are NOT anti-immigration laws.

NOBODY is trying to pass any laws against immigrants.

They ARE trying to pass laws to enforce those who violate immigration laws.

By definition,

Immigrant -- a person who has entered the country legally through proper channels.

Illegal alien -- a person who has entered the country ILLEGALLY without proper authorization to be here.

Simply put, the so-called "anti-immigration laws" as Ortiz puts it are the states that are trying to enforce the laws that the federal government fails to do.

However, if you want to talk about discrimination or racism...

how about the fact that citizens are being forced to become bilingual within our own country in order to find work. This is another example of something that would not even be an issue if our immigration laws were followed and enforced.