Saturday, May 16, 2009

Governor Ted "tax-and-gouge-me" on the current economic situation

Sleepy Ted "tax-and-gouge-me": "...there is no escaping the fact that we have lost thousands of manufacturing jobs – and some of these jobs are not coming back. "

Governor Ted Kulongoski governor's website

Oregon Governor sleepy Ted "tax-and-gouge-me" Kulongoski was speaking at the city club of Portland May 15, 2009 about Oregon's current unemployment and budget situations.

Here are a few highlights of that speech...
"The first thing we have to do is speak the truth. And the truth is this: We have a jobs emergency in Oregon. Over the last four months, this state has been shedding jobs at an alarming rate."

and you figured that out when?
"To the people of Oregon – especially the thousands who have lost their jobs – I can report that your state government, in partnership with the private sector, remains committed to creating jobs during this economic crisis. "

we're committed with the private sector to continue to raise taxes in order to help with our governmental economic downfall... oh yes, and help the citizens too.
"I am confident that our investments in renewable energy and green technology will grow our state’s economy if we use this economic downturn as an opportunity to make the right policy choices."

"the right policy choices"... does that include the bankruptcy of Oregon? Of course, as businesses leave and people can no longer afford to stay in Oregon, I guess that there will be nobody around to create those nasty greenhouse gases. oh, and what about greenhouse gases from trees? {}
"We must also acknowledge that some parts of our state are hurting more than other parts. So as far as I’m concerned – this recession will not be over anywhere in Oregon until it is over everywhere in Oregon."

WE are already aware of that Teddy. WE have already cut back on our budget and stopped buying unnecessary items. You know those little things that as Obama said, "spreads the wealth..." and furthers the economic growth in our society that citizens are able to do when they have more money in their pockets.
"Oregon has always been more than the sum of our economic statistics. We are a resilient people, in a place of beauty, at a time of trial and hope. And I always put my money on hope and optimism. "

hope and optimism don't pay the bills
"The place to start is with jobs. President Roosevelt gave hope to millions of unemployed Americans when he created the Civilian Conservation Corps and other jobs programs. We need to take the same kind of immediate action in Oregon. "

that's true... Roosevelt had a good idea and it did accomplish what he set out to do,however, as with all things that seemed to work, not unexpectedly the US Supreme Court on May 27, 1935 determined that the CCC was unconstitutional. {Wikipedia} the same as child labor laws no longer allows children to work in the fields to make extra spending money, which also in turn helps farmers.

Emergency jobs program:... more than a lifeline for workers.
" The Oregon Food Bank will sponsor up to 1,000 jobs throughout the state. Thousands of other Oregonians will be employed by community groups to clear trails, repair campsites, clean up watersheds, and thin underbrush in our forests. And still more will go to work for human service agencies and organizations. "

... all those jobs that Americans won't do
so Teddy, what are we going to do about all this?
" Oregon state government can no longer be all things to all people. That’s why I am asking the Legislature to suspend a wide variety of agencies, boards and commissions.

These include: The Board of Occupational Therapy, the Board of Massage Therapists, the Consumer Advisory Council, the Commission for the Blind, the Board of Licensed Dietitians, and the Advocacy Commissions – among others. "

ooohh... this just brings chills up my spine... of course, remember, this is the same government that wanted to hire a Klingon translator for those who do not speak English.{link} and {link}
" My other three priorities are: Transportation, health care for all Oregon children, and progress toward a green energy future.

The question is: How do we pay for these priorities? "

I can fill up a whole page answering that one...

Basically, after reading the transcript of the speech, I felt like I just got through talking to a used car salesman trying to sell me an old Desoto.


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