Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Who really pays a price for illegal immigration?

The Oregonian--
"Are my parents going to be taken, too?"

Robin's Commentary
In a recent editorial by Steve Duin regarding the round up of 167 undocumented workers at fresh Del Monte's North Portland processing plant, and discussing the aftermath of the raid on the plant brings up an excellent point in my opinion.

What about the children of illegal immigrants?

The children see their parents being hauled off by immigration or in the case of Graciela Barajas, mother of two children who has to explain to her children why now she now can't leave the house between the hours of 6 p.m. and 6 a.m., and why she is wearing a weird looking bracelet on her ankle.

What will the parents tell their children?

What will they say when they ask "Mommy, why is this happening to us, and will this happen to me, too?"
A question that the teachers at Clarendon elementary school had to answer.
""We didn't want to make it too obvious," said Principal Antonio Lopez of Clarendon Elementary School, so he had teachers tell their students they were looking for summer jobs and needed a few suggestions. How many parents work in restaurants, the kids were asked? How many work for PGE or the Port? And how many parents work at Fresh Del Monte?

"Seeing the terror on their faces is something I'll never forget," Meza said. "When you see a kid cry, you aren't human if you aren't disturbed. You can't change the world, but you do what you can." "

under any other circumstances, the children would be placed in therapy to help them cope with the trauma of their parents being ripped away from them. Do we put these children in therapy? Do we punish these children for their parents actions?

Nevertheless, who is really at fault?

The people who cross the borders illegally or the system that doesn't stop them


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meza eventually walked several kids home to apartments in the North Portland neighborhood, and knocked on a few doors to ensure other students had found sanctuary.

"Even though I was a teacher," he said, "people wouldn't open their doors. The shades were all shut.

sure, it's all about the families, but as soon as things get tough they abandon their children.

4:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We also have a huge meth problem in this state. And unfortunately, other criminals. Who worries about their children? These people broke the law. I'm sorry they dragged their children into it. But the fault for this is squarely on their shoulders and the shoulders of our "mis"leaders who have allowed illegals to take over our state. I live in the Medford area. We are not as tolerant as the Portland or the Ashland crowd. We can see the truth. Anyone else in the area who would like to get together and show some strength and solidarity, please contact me through this post. Carrie Brown

1:39 PM  
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