Friday, June 29, 2007

President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney say no to congressional subpoenas

Yahoo -- AP news--

Washington -- President Bush rejected subpoenas for documents from former presidential counsel Harriet Miers and former director Sara Taylor as they rejected plans for White House documents and testimony about the firing of US attorneys. The White House made it clear citing executive privilege that neither one will testify.

Presidential counsel Fred Fielding said Bush had made a reasonable attempt at compromise however, Congress forced the confrontation by issuing subpoenas.
" The assertion of executive privilege was the latest turn in increasingly hostile standoffs between the administration and the Democratic-controlled Congress over the Iraq war, executive power, the war on terror and Vice President Dick Cheney's authority. A day earlier, the Senate Judiciary Committee delivered subpoenas to the offices of Bush, Cheney, the national security adviser and the Justice Department about the administration's warrantless wiretapping program "

Senator Patrick Leahy, chairman of the Senate Judiciary committee stated "increasingly, the president and vice president feel that they are above the law."

I ran out of time to do a more in-depth article, however, is still raises the question that I brought up for years is where is the checks and balances in our governmental system?

It is well-known, that once someone gets into office that they can just about do whatever they want and it takes an act of God to do anything about it. And in the 21st century, things can happen so quickly that the current process of dealing with a rogue president or governor for example would take too long before the damage is done.

Perhaps, it is time to borrow parliaments idea and add the option of "no confidence" if at the very least to temporary suspend a public officials powers until a full investigation could be done.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Should the customers of PGE bail out OMSI?

Statesman Journal--

Senate Bill 994 proposes to use the 3 % surcharge on Portland General Electric customers in the Portland area in order to bail out Oregon Museum Of Science and industry (OMSI) $4.6 million delinquent loan with money that was intended to fund efficiency measures and renewable energy.

Originally, the 3% public purpose surcharge was passed by the Legislature in 2002 was originally designed to be used to fund Energy Trust of Oregon to promote energy efficiency.

Lawmakers insisted that the surcharge was consistent with the intent of the original proposal and that the loan was given to OMSI based on energy conservation efforts made at the museum's new building.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tancredo amendment to cut funding for sanctuary city's passes with strong bipartisan support

Tancredo ----

An amendment to HR 2638 offered by US Representative Tom Tancredo which passed the House by 234-189 with strong bipartisan support cuts funding from the Department of Homeland security (DHS) to cities that employ a "sanctuary policy" to illegal aliens.
" The Times, they are a changing," said Tancredo, "This should serve as a warning sign to the White House and supporters of re-introducing an amnesty bill from the Senate. If that legislation makes it to the house, it is in serious trouble." "

The amendment to HR 2638 would prevent cities like Denver and San Francisco, who employ a sanctuary policy for illegal aliens from receiving first responder funds, including law enforcement and terrorism prevention grants, along with other programs.

Related information:
{The Library of Congress HR 2638}--

H.AMDT.294 Amendment (A045) offered by Mr. Tancredo. (consideration: CR H6468-6469, H6494-6495; text: CR H6468)
An amendment numbered 7 printed in the Congressional Record to prohibit funds to be used in contravention of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996. {summary HR 2638}--

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mexico: almost 300 high-ranking federal police officers have been suspended temporarily

BBC News--

Mexican President Felipe Calderon continues with his promise that he made about his first hundred days in office under a program which he calls "keep Mexicans at home"{Tucson Citizen}-- and to make Mexico a better place for Mexicans to live.

One of his key priorities since coming into office was the fight against drug traffickers, and he is starting by suspending almost 300 high-ranking federal police officers in Mexico in order to tackle corruption within the force.

With dozens of federal officers found working for the country's drug cartels over recent years, officers will now face a "trust test" which will include drug checks, a lie detector, and psychological test. The officer's family and friends may also be investigated and the officer's bank records checked.
" "There are mafias that don't want the situation to change so they can continue to enrich themselves under the protection of corruption and crime," said Public Safety Secretary Genaro Garcia Luna. "

Those who fail the test will lose their jobs however, those who scored the highest marks will be promoted to regional Federal police chiefs.

Monday, June 25, 2007

A new group "Americans for immigration reform" wants to promote how vital immigrants are to the economy

Houston Chronicle--

Houston business leaders want politicians and the public to know how vital immigrants are to the economy so they are creating a national coalition in Washington, DC called Americans for Immigration Reform.
" "We think that it's the responsible thing to do, to engage in the discussion rather than sit back and wring our hands," said Jeff Moseley, president and chief executive officer of the partnership, which is spearheading the effort. "We know that for Houston and this region to be world-class, there has to be a thoughtful, comprehensive reform to immigration, and now is the time." "

Currently the new group does not have a list of what it is they will be lobbing Congress for, however, the partnership has urged Congress to come up with a temporary worker program that could match workers with employers.

The coalition says that it will counter the arguments made by talk radio and television host who were opposed to immigration reforms, said Jeff Moseley, president and chief executive officer of the partnership.

In Houston, immigration is a hot issue because of the nearly 250,000 illegal workers or 10% of the area job force, which

" "Because of our proximity to the border, we have a significant immigrant community," said Foster, a partnership board member. "We realize that this gets to the very fabric of our community and who we are." "
illegal aliens contribute $27.3 billion to the Houston area's gross regional product.
and that is exactly what we're trying to avoid... Americans being
assimilated in to the Mexican culture in the United States and not the other way around.

additionally, I wish that they would stop throwing "immigrants" in the same category as "illegal aliens". There is a major difference.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Meth lab found along Franklin Blvd


A transient camp with a full-service meth lab was found during a routine cleaning up along the Willamette River was discovered in Springfield near Island Park.
people who travel regular through the area are well familiar with the transients who reside at this location. Not really a surprise is it?

Friday, June 22, 2007

should you lose Your property if you fail to report a crime?

Statesman Journal--

A constitutional proposal won final approval Thursday in the Oregon Senate in which voters will decide to loosen restrictions on whether police agencies should have more power to seize and sell property tied to illegal activity.

The previous 2000 initiative measure required police get a conviction before they can pursue a forfeiture. The measure also said that proceeds from the sale of seized property could not be used to pay for police operations.

The measure adopted Thursday would allow police to keep some of the money they generate.
" If adopted by voters, the measure would allow police to take property that is not related to a specific conviction if the person is found guilty of a similar crime.
Moreover, a person who is not convicted could lose property if he or she KNEW a crime was being committed and failed to stop or report it. "

Senator Ginny Burdick, who supported the measure, called it a compromise approach that was drawn up between law enforcement groups and the American Civil Liberties Union which sponsored the 2000 initiative.
" "This retains protections against unreasonable forfeitures, but it would still allow law enforcement agencies to use this valuable tool against drug traffickers," the Portland Democrat said. "

let me get this straight... if you even KNEW of a crime you could lose YOUR property?

Does anybody else see how this could go so terribly wrong?

Thursday, June 21, 2007

it's a tax increase! No, it's a fee increase! Like there's a difference?

Statesman Journal--

House Bill 3551 approved by the Ways and Means subcommittee on transportation and economic development approved a $15 increase in the "fees" to record real estate and other documents at county courthouses across the state.

The new “tax” is designed to reduce homelessness and stem Oregon's housing affordability crisis.
" "We're very excited," said Eugene legal aid attorney John VanLandingham, a longtime advocate for low-income housing. Advocates have sought such a permanent funding source for 17 years, VanLandingham said. "

The plan hit a snag when legislative attorneys ruled that it was a ruled it was a tax increase, not a fee increase, which requires a 60% super majority to pass.

The original package was designed to raise $30 million a year based on an inflated estimate for the number of documents ever recorded each year.

The final package was changed to direct some funds to minority homebuying program.

let me see if I understand this correctly...
a fee is not a tax, and a tax is not a fee, however they both add to the cost.

And raising fees/taxes to buy a house makes houses more affordable?

"It's a floor wax! It's a dessert topping! You're both right!{SNL}--

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Who really pays a price for illegal immigration?

The Oregonian--
"Are my parents going to be taken, too?"

Robin's Commentary
In a recent editorial by Steve Duin regarding the round up of 167 undocumented workers at fresh Del Monte's North Portland processing plant, and discussing the aftermath of the raid on the plant brings up an excellent point in my opinion.

What about the children of illegal immigrants?

The children see their parents being hauled off by immigration or in the case of Graciela Barajas, mother of two children who has to explain to her children why now she now can't leave the house between the hours of 6 p.m. and 6 a.m., and why she is wearing a weird looking bracelet on her ankle.

What will the parents tell their children?

What will they say when they ask "Mommy, why is this happening to us, and will this happen to me, too?"
A question that the teachers at Clarendon elementary school had to answer.
""We didn't want to make it too obvious," said Principal Antonio Lopez of Clarendon Elementary School, so he had teachers tell their students they were looking for summer jobs and needed a few suggestions. How many parents work in restaurants, the kids were asked? How many work for PGE or the Port? And how many parents work at Fresh Del Monte?

"Seeing the terror on their faces is something I'll never forget," Meza said. "When you see a kid cry, you aren't human if you aren't disturbed. You can't change the world, but you do what you can." "

under any other circumstances, the children would be placed in therapy to help them cope with the trauma of their parents being ripped away from them. Do we put these children in therapy? Do we punish these children for their parents actions?

Nevertheless, who is really at fault?

The people who cross the borders illegally or the system that doesn't stop them

Sunday, June 17, 2007

How can Hispanic students improve academically? Start turning off the Spanish-language television sets

Fox news--

San Francisco --
This advice comes from Arnold Schwarzenegger, an immigrant himself from Austria when asked Wednesday night at the National Association of Hispanic Journalists when he was asked how Hispanic students can improve academic performance.
" "You've got to turn off the Spanish television set" and stay away from Spanish-language television, books and newspapers ... "I know this sounds odd and this is the politically incorrect thing to say and I'm going to get myself in trouble," he said. "But I know that when I came to this country, I very rarely spoke German to anyone.""

Schwarzenegger's comments did not sit well with some of the audience members.
" "I'm sitting shaking my head not believing that someone would be so naive and out of it that he would say something like that," Alex Nogales, president and CEO of the National Hispanic Media Coalition, said Thursday, immigrants need Spanish-language media to stay informed and "function in this society" "

Pilar Marrero, the political editor for the Spanish-language newspaper La Opinion, chuckling that many Hispanics to not have time to learn English, "they're too busy working"

Rafael Olmeda, president of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) said most most members would agree with the governor statements.
" "Most people I've spoken to walked away believing that he was trying to say that we must learn English to succeed in American society," Olmeda said. "

In the past, Schwarzenegger has been criticized by Democrats when he said that Mexican immigrants who "tried to stay Mexican" when they come to the US are urged to learn English and US history and "to make an effort to become part of America."
good advice from somebody who has been there, e.g. Schwarzenegger. "I very rarely spoke German to anyone."
However, negative statements such as "many Hispanics do not have the time to learn English" and being offended by feeling that they "MUST learn English to succeed in American society" are not exactly helping to make a positive impact on immigration issues.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

It’s only $3 million...


Public safety -- don't have the money.
Fix the roads -- don't have the money, besides we need public transportation more
How about a new bike path that will follow the Willamette River?
No problem, we can take $3 million in federal funds to pay for the path.
right pocket, left pocket, it's all the same pair of pants... think about it

Do you agree that a moratorium should be put on immigration raids?

Statesman Journal--

Salem Oregon -- Immigrant rights groups are calling for a nationwide moratorium on workplace raids after Tuesday's immigration raid by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at a Portland food processing plant.

The group claims that the results of the raids has caused fear and trauma to the children and families (buzzword alert!) of those taken into custody.
" "Aggressive and far-reaching raids across the country have disrupted the lives of thousands of families," Aeryca Steinbauer, the coordinator of CAUSA {CAUSA }--said. "The struggle to support the separated families and hold (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) accountable for these inhumane raids must go hand-in-hand with our continued fight for fair and humane comprehensive immigration reform." "

People that are opposed to illegal immigration are giving the federal government kudos for the raid.

"I believe that if somebody is in violation of our laws, they should be accountable for it. " Jim Ludwick the president of McMinnville based Oregonians for immigration Reform said, "we urge federal officials to prosecute anybody who is aiding and abetting illegal aliens... it's time we start holding employers accountable for hiring people who are in our nation illegally."

"don't do the crime if you can't do the time." -- Baretta

Why should only be head of the illegal immigrant household have to return to their countries?

Senator's work to revive immigration bill

WASHINGTON -- the Republican and Democratic senators are reaching for a deal to resurrect their stalled immigration compromise by requiring that some $4 billion be spent on border security and workplace enforcement, which is part of a plan that grants legal status to millions of illegal aliens could be possible as early as Thursday.

Senator Kennedy of Massachusetts said he supported a bid to provide mandatory funding for border security and enforcement.
""You give the assurance that when this is signed, that there are going to be the resources to do the kind of security protections that are in this legislation," Kennedy said. "

Under the proposal by Sen. Jon Kyl and Sen. Lindsey Graham, funding would be up front for border security and workplace enforcement.
" "Everybody's trying to prove that they are willing and able to enforce the law this time, unlike 1986, (and 2007) " Kyl said, referring to the last major immigration overhaul, which established a one-year amnesty program for illegal immigrants who had been in the U.S. at least four years.
"What better way to demonstrate that other than to say, 'We're not going to let congressional appropriations dictate this—we are going to put the money up front,'" Kyl said. "

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas was to require all illegal immigrant head of households to return to their countries of origin before obtaining legal status, only if they are seeking green cards, permit legal residency.

why should only the head of household be required to return home? What about the other members of the household?

I'm assuming what Senator Hutchinson is thinking is that it would cut down the amount of illegals that would have to be deported.

here are a few things that I see wrong with that plan...
#1 -- you are still going to separate the families
#2 -- with the removal of the primary income earner, more people on welfare and public assistance
#3 what determines the head of household?

Personally, I feel that the laws should not be selectively enforced based on somebody's household status.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

a Recent Investigation of American Staffing Resources Inc. found that more than 90% of the employees Social Security numbers were stolen

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)--

Portland, Oregon -- U.S. Customs and enforcement agents executed arrest and search warrants at three Portland locations as part of the ongoing investigation into alleged criminal violations by employees of a national staffing firm that hires workers for the processing plant operated by Fresh Del Monte Produce in Portland.

In a joint investigation to covered by ICE and the Social Security Administration, office of Inspector General, found evidence of the production and distribution of forged documents and the employment of illegal aliens, some of the individuals were using Social Security numbers which apparently have criminal records, have been previously deported or on warrants of deportation.
The Social Security administration found that there were at least 29 Social Security numbers from deceased persons, 18 juveniles, 13 who are more than 70 years old, and seven persons who are 60 or above and are receiving disability benefits.
One of the consequences of misuse of a person so security number can result in the TRUE owner of that number having benefits reduced, suspended or terminated.

According to Fox news{[link]}--, only 48 of nearly 600 employees Fresh Del Monte Produce had valid Social Security numbers.

Portland Mayor Tom Potter was angered about the raids.
""I am angered by this morning's arrest by federal officers of approximately 150 Portland residents who were working at a local produce company. "{KGW}--

Potter continued by stating that "our nation would be better served if it's kind of energy was focused on creating a comprehensive approach to immigration Reform and provides a path to citizenship..." continues Potter,” my heart goes out to the families dealing with the aftermath of this morning." {I am assuming Potter is referring to all those people who have had their lives ruined by identity theft}
Potter stated that no Portland police officers participated in the raids.

Immigrant rights groups, church and labor leaders gathered outside downtown Edith Green/Wendall Wyatt Federal Building this afternoon to denounce the raids.
" "We are at a crossroads as a nation to decide what kind of country we want to be," said Aeryca Steinbauer of CAUSA, a statewide immigrant-rights coalition. "There will be long-term trauma to many children" [buzzword alert!] who will be separated from deported parents."{Oregonian breaking news}--

Tom Potter, Aeryca Steinbauer of CAUSA, Senator Ron Wyden and others be worried about the children of criminals who broke into their houses? Burglars have families too.

I will say it again, yes, our immigration system can use an overhaul, however, totally bypassing the system is not the answer.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Immigration bill fails the Senate 45-50

Who are the real winners and losers of the comprehensive immigration bill?

Robin's Commentary
Remember the old rule, "follow the money"? Perhaps that question should be asked of Senator Kennedy and President Bush as they both tried so hard to pass the “immigration Reform" bill.

The question is, why didn't the immigration reform bill pass? Was it because Congress realized that the real issue was the fact that people by the millions every year across our borders illegally and infiltrating our infrastructure or was it some other self-serving reason, like cheap labor and big profits?

Nevertheless, the question at hand is what to do about the millions of people that "slipped" into our country illegally for whatever reason.

The quandary is, do we reward people who have broken our laws merely by their presence in this country? If so, then what message does that really send to our children??[shameless buzzword]

"If enough people are violating the law, don't worry about it, it's OK"

Despite the results of the vote, according to some, the immigration bill is not dead.
" "No, it's not dead. Defeat is not an option "said Colorado Sen. Ken Salazar in an interview with CNN {the Minutemen civil Defense Corps's}--
Senior State officials and Lawmakers believe that the bill had less than a 50-50 chance of being resurrected, and that there's already talk about considering separate issues such as provisions among agricultural workers and education aid for certain immigrant children. [Buzzword]
" “The White House has so far failed to rally Senate Republicans behind tough, fair and practical immigration reform,” Senate majority leader Harry Reid said in a statement Friday. “I will bring the immigration bill back to the Senate floor as soon as enough Republicans are ready to join us in moving forward on a bill to fix our broken immigration system.” "{New York Times}--

Locally, it was surprising [at least to me] that the Senator Gordon Smith, who's been an advocate for illegal immigration, voted against the bill, however, his cohort on the other side of the aisle, Democratic Senator Ron Wyden voted in favor.

Senator Smith, said that he supported the concept of the immigration Reform, however added the "devil is in the details." Ron Wyden on the other hand believes that the first thing an immigration bill must do is focus on border protection.
"After that make sure that laws on the books are enforced," Wyden said. "If employers knowingly hire illegals they ought to be punished." {The Oregonian}--

Republican Senator Mike Crapo of Idaho also voted against the bill stating that he was concerned about a provision for a temporary work program because it would give an unfair advantage to people who entered the country illegally.
"I continue to believe a person should not gain an advantage or benefit toward citizenship or legal permanent resident status as a result of illegal entry into the United States," Crapo said. "This only encourages further illegal immigration." "{The Oregonian}--

All this actually distracts from the real issue, that millions of people have illegally bypassed the due process of law and violated the security of our borders for their own personal gain, while at the same time, the United States selectively failed to enforce those laws for financial gains.

The damage is done. So how do you fix the problem?

I agree with Representative Steve Kings suggestion about amending HR3095 which would amend the internal revenue code of 1986 to clarify that wages paid to unauthorized aliens may not be deducted from gross income..."

In short, take the money equation out of the issue, and it should solve itself.

Friday, June 08, 2007

A bill to restrict the annoying automated political phone calls under Senate Bill 863

The Oregonian--

Robin's Commentary

For me, one of the fastest methods that politician could use to get a no vote from me is to use one of those automated telephone solicitors. you know the ones that just as soon as you pick up the telephone you hear an advertisement in your ear.

Plus, even if you're one of those that have signed up for the "do not call" list, you will still receive political phone calls.

Senate Bill 863, recently out of the House rules committee Wednesday, offers to restrict the so-called "Robo calls" does imposing fines of $5,000 per call.

However, groups such as the Oregon education Association are against the idea because "Robo callers" are a cheap way for campaigns to reach out to voters.

Personally, I've always felt that if my telephone is going to be used as a device for advertising, that my phone bill should be subsidized by those companies for the privilege.

The bill passed out of committee unanimously. It heads to the house, where, if it passes, it needs Senate concurrence in the House amendments to become law.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Final show for Bob Barker of the Price Is Right


Bob Barker the host of "Price is right" has decided that after 35 years of hosting the show, that he will "come on down" for the last time this Thursday.

Bob Barker's final show is slated to air on June 15.
His replacement has yet to be announced.
just like Jay Leno replacing Johnny Carson, good luck

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Taxes: That's 2

Register Guard--
[Another] Tax Repeal Initiative Underway

Backers of a recent initiative will be seeking 6,365 signatures by registered Eugene voters by the end of June to repeal the latest city councils recent increase in the city's gas tax which increased the gas tax from five cents a gallon, to eight cents a gallon.

Additionally, backers of the repeal are also seeking to knock the city gas tax down an additional three cents a gallon.

The City Council, by 6-2 vote last Tuesday, voted to raise the city gas tax to eight cents a gallon in order to collect an extra $2 million annually to repair streets.

The counselors also voted NOT to let a previous two cents a gallon increase expire.
" City Council President Andrea Ortiz, who voted for the gas tax increase, said station owners "are more than welcome" to collect signatures.
"That is why the repeal process is in place," she said.
But Ortiz said she disagrees with their goal. "Will this (repeal) get us closer to taking care of the potholes?" she asked. "I don't think so."
The gas tax is the "fairest" way to finance street repairs because motorists are the ones who use the roads, Ortiz said. "

The special election could cost the city about $100,000 according to city recorder Mary Feldman.
Considering the results from recent action from the Lane County Commissioners, you would think that it would send a message that we are tired of local government going out and spending our money without our permission.
Part of the reason that I vote no on any increase in taxes, is perception. For example, we just spent millions of dollars on a 14 mile bus lane with a fleet of four buses, and yet we don't have money for public safety or to maintain our public roadways.
Additionally, it SEEMS like they (local government) always are able to find money for it ANY OTHER projects that they want EXCEPT basic services.
I guess, when local government can demonstrate to me that they can actually MANAGE a budget, then I would be more willing to share my very LIMITED hard earned money.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Second Case of Measles Confirmed

Lane County news--

Lane County Public Health officials have confirmed a second case of measles on Monday, May 28, 2007 after the person infected had direct contact with the first case.

Lane County health officials have identified three places and times of contact for the second case.
" 10 p.m. until the end of the Brother Ali concert on Tuesday, May 29 at the Wow Hall
Midnight to 2 a.m.,
Wednesday, May 30 at Jamison's Bar in downtown Eugene
Between 6-7 p.m.,
Wednesday evening, May 30 at the Sushi Station on Fifth Street. "

Additionally, public health officials have identified the following times and places where members of the public could have been in contact with the first case.
" Flew into Eugene on United flight 6406 from San Francisco on Tuesday, May 22.
Safeway on 18th between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. (in Flowers and Check Out only) on Tuesday, May 22.
Shoji’s Restaurant between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m., Tuesday, May 22.
Went to Sundance Natural Food Store between 6:35 p.m. and 6:50 p.m., Sunday, May 27. "

Lane County Public Health (LCPH) is interviewing anyone who had direct contact or who was in the same area at the time of the infectious persons.
LCPH is asking that if you were at those places and times, to...
#1 check your immunization records for vaccination against measles
#2 determine if you had the measles in the past AND
#3 call Lane County Public Health at 682-4041
Remember, if you have a fever and rash and think that you may have the measles, immediately call your healthcare provider. DO NOT GO TO THE DOCTOR'S OFFICE, HOSPITAL EMERGENCY ROOM, PUBLIC HEALTH OR URGENT CARE in order to limit exposure to other people.

Lane County Public Health holds immunization clinics every Wednesday morning from 8 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Public Health Officials Confirm Case of Measles

Lane County news--

Lane County health officials have received confirmation that a 21 year-old Lane County resident has tested positive for the measles virus.
" “We’ve been working together to identify those who may have had contact with this individual and to determine their immunization status,” said Betsy Meredith, Lane County Public Health."

Early symptoms a cough, red eyes that are sensitive to light, fever, and runny nose for several days before they develop a rash which usually begins 3-4 days after the first symptoms and begins in the face, behind the ears and the neck. You may also have a fever as high as 104°.

If you suspect that you have the measles, call your doctor or health care provider immediately! DO NOT GO TO THE DOCTOR'S OFFICE, HOSPITAL EMERGENCY ROOM, PUBLIC-HEALTH OR URGENT CARE as a person that is infected with the measles is contagious for four days before and four days after the rash appears.

Additionally,If you flew into Eugene on flight 6406 from San Francisco on Tuesday, May 22, please contact Public Health officials at 682-4041.