Sunday, December 25, 2005

Springfield police help give Christmas to fire victims


One Springfield family was in danger of having no Christmas at all, after a fire at their apartment cost them nearly all that they have. But, with the help of the local community, the family says that this is a Christmas they'll never forget.

"It wasn't just somebody that just needed a Christmas, it was somebody that had lost everything in a fire," said Sgt. Mike McCarthy of the Springfield Police, "and they needed everything from personal items to Christmas presents."

The police adopted the Beth and Bryan Acree, their four kids, and Bryan's three children that spend weekends here in town.
"So we got the whole department on board," Sgt. McCarthy says. "We had officers, records, dispatch; everybody volunteered, and chipped in and went out and bought something."

"Today is an exceptional day," Beth Acree says. "We got a lot more than we ever expected we would, and it's turned out be a really great Christmas."

Beth Acree had a whole list of people she wanted to thank: "The Springfield Police Department; Red Cross; Siuslaw Valley Christian Center of Florence, Oregon; St. Mary's Church; Salvation Army; UTMB of Galveston Texas; and to our family, Louis and Evelyn Acree, and Virgil and Sam Rose, thank you for everything you've done for us and our seven children. we're very grateful and appreciate it."

You know this is really great to see with all the negativity about Christmas going on.
This is really what the spirit of Christmas is all about, helping others in need.

Merry Christmas and a great appreciation to all those who lent a helping hand to this family in need.


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