Monday, December 12, 2005

girls are nurses... boys are technician

Portland school officials float same-sex school idea

PORTLAND, Ore. - A proposal discussed at a meeting Tuesday night would dramatically change Portland's schools.
The idea is to separate the boys from the girls, putting them each at different schools, something private schools have been doing for years.
Harriet Tubman in northeast Portland is one of the schools that could become an all girls public school under the plan. The boys would be sent to Jefferson.
The way it would work is that girls from grades 7 through 12 would be sent to Harriet Tubman, where their education would be focused on health occupations.
Boys who are the same age would go to Jefferson, where the curriculum would focus either on leadership, arts or technology.
what would be the point of separating the boys and girls and in particular focusing on the old adage of "girls would focus on health occupation" and "boys on leadership, arts or technology".
What are we trying to do return to the 50s? This is so Ozzie and Harriet. So what's next? Poodle skirts!
I vote no, I do not think it's a good idea... what do you think?


Anonymous Judy said...

When I was a senior in high school way too many years ago, I was given an interest test that was supposed to be used by all of the seniors to help narrow our possible college majors. I placed very high in "auto mechanic" and "computer programmer." The high school counselor said to me, "Obviously you can't do either of those since you are a girl. What do you think you'd like to major in while you are waiting to find a husband?" I swear those were his exact words.

It took another 10 years before I realized how full of crap that was and switched to a high-tech career where I've done very well and been very happy.

I have no problem with separating girls from boys, provided they both have the same opportunities available. But I was appalled by this plan.

I join you in voting NO.

6:53 PM  
Blogger Robin said...

yea, I can't beleive that they are even thinking about returning to the old ways of doing things. This is so demeaning is beyond words

5:34 PM  
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