Saturday, December 03, 2005

Daniel and the Cheezer reports

Woodburn Protest Against Matricular Consular Card

both Daniel and The Cheezer report from another gathering today in Woodburn where there is another gathering for illegals to receive their Matricular Consular Card so that they may return to Mexico.
which does not make any sense to me why they would get the cards in the United States to return to Mexico, it would seem like they would have to get the cards while they were in Mexico, to return to Mexico.

be sure to watch for Daniel statements on channels 2, 6, OPB, The Oregonian

for more information and photos, click on the following links.

Daniel's political musings

The Cheezer

protesters were commenting with signs stating "no human being is illegal, we are all immigrants"

that is not the point, it is still a violation of law
another sign read "immigrants pay taxes"

if you're an illegal immigrant, how do you pay taxes? do you have a Social Security number? and since ALL employees have to prove that they have the legal right to work in the United States and the employers have to keep on file the I-9 immigration form, that except for buying goods and services, how do you pay taxes?

Kudos go out to Daniel and The Cheezer for their great reporting


Blogger The Cheezer said...

Thanks for the good words, but I must direct you to Daniels blog. He is much better written than I am.
I will be posting more pictures on my site and there will be up close pictures of the criminals in line and holding signs Sunday as well as som e more ranting about this disgrace to our country.

8:40 PM  
Blogger MAX Redline said...

Actually, Cheezer had some great photos showing local 483 union in support of criminal activity.

4:09 PM  
Blogger The Cheezer said...

I have posted many more photos for your enjoyment and to help find the criminals in our society.

10:38 AM  
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