Friday, October 21, 2005

What does a $29 million bus system and the 2008 Olympic track and field trials have in common?

They're all happening in Eugene.
According to The Statesman Journal, Eugene will be hosting the 2008 US Olympic track and field trials that could bring $20 million into Eugene's economy. About 1200 athletes, 500 coaches, 1100 journalists and sellout crowd of 17,000 people a day were expected.

So this brings one little question to mind...


Currently, there is barely any parking available at the University of Oregon as it is. I know, because I go to school there.

There will even be less parking when the U of O has completed the two buildings currently under construction.

So how in the world do they expect to host an event of 17,000 people a day?

Traffic congestion in Eugene/Springfield area will basically choke off the cities. Look at what it does now whenever there's a game at Autzen Stadium or Hayward Field.

We are also very understaffed in public protection services.

So looking at the logistics, I just do not see how we can SAFELY host an event as large as this one.

and then a light came on... [thank you honey]

Currently under construction is a new $29 million high-speed (choke) hybrid bus line that travels between Eugene/Springfield that will save you a whopping five minutes over the current bus system, however, according to LTD, it looks nice.

City and county law enforcement's are trying to push through a $34 million tax hike which according to Eugene weekly will cost the homeowner about $400 per year. [My property taxes went up 6% and I can't afford an additional $400 a year ]

The U of O Department of public safety publicly announced that it wants to discourage vehicle traffic in the university area and encourage more use of public transportation and they help to promote this endeavor by issuing 24,000- 35,000 tickets every year for improperly parked cars on campus according to The Oregon Daily Emerald [do the math... 24,000 times $15 (the smallest fine)=$360,000 in parking citations alone]

So is it just me, or is there actually a pattern starting to form here?

Finally, I have to ask the question... was the public asked if we want any of this?


Anonymous Gullyborg said...

I since I live in unincorporated Santa Clara, I can't even vote against any of these bastards, even though every single rotten thing they do has a drastic impact on my life.

1:26 PM  
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