Sunday, June 12, 2005

lawmakers debate over drivers license

Gabriela Rico-- statesman Journal -- June 11, 2005

"A driver's license and no longer is about skillful parallel parking or knowing the speed limit.

every time an Oregonian boards an airplane or enters a federal building, they flash the card as proof of who they are -- proof that they've been "cleared" by the authorities."

"state lawmakers want to add security features to the driver's license and state identification cards and deny them to illegal immigrants. They are considering two bills that would address those changes."

the Federal real ID act, which goes into effect in 2008, will supersede any state laws regarding driving and identification cards.
(and Oregon is worrying about this because?)

the real ID act would require proof of citizenship to apply for or renew a driver's license.

Senate Bill 640 proposes that fingerprints be taken when obtaining a license or state identification card it would also allow the use of facial recognition technology.

(tell me about big Brother again)

House Bill 2608 would limit who can get a driver's license or state ID card by requiring proof of citizenship or legal residence.

"Representative George Gilman, chairman of the House transportation committee, said he doesn't foresee either bill passing.

"We won't do anything this term... it's a feeling I have. Things are pretty contentious here"

Legislatures may decide to wait for guidelines from the federal legislation, Gilman said."

OK, let me see if I understand this. The federal law supersedes state law with the exception that states are allowed to append the federal law, however, Oregon legislatures are going to spend a lot of time coming up with new laws that will be invalidated when the new federal laws go into effect and they are not sure what the federal regulations will be. have I got it right so far?

instead of enacting new laws, why not enforce the ones that are currently on the books. for example, starting approximately 1995, when you are hired, you have to show proof that you have the "right" to work in the United States by showing a birth certificate or other identification approved by the federal government and in turn, your employer has to fill out an immigration I-9 form and keep on file for inspection.

in addition,Every quarter, the employer must file quarterly reports to the government which lists the employees name and Social Security number.

I have come to the conclusion that we are no longer a "representative" of government, we have a government that now runs on what ever the "popular" issue is at the time and ignores the real issues.

High taxes and unemployment being one of them.


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