Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hillary and Obama ticket?

Robin's commentary –

It is scary enough that Hillary Clinton has the audacity to think that she is a bona fide candidate for the presidency of course, counting on her loyalists to the Democratic Party… But this headline brought shivers to my spine.

Hillary Clinton with Barack Obama as her running mate.

{Hat tip The new Republic}

"The challenge, then, is to make sure Clinton’s age and ethnicity don’t discourage Obama’s youthful, diverse supporters from turning out in November 2016. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to make sure that doesn’t happen. Clinton simply has to select Barack Obama as her running mate."

Even if they were actually thinking about doing this, the question comes into play about whether it the Constitution would allow Obama to run as he would become successor to the presidency.

According to the article, they explain this that the Constitution says that a person cannot "run or be elected" to office however, as they point out in the case of Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill,The Constitution does not prohibit Obama from being elected to a third term.

According to Wikipedia, According to the 22nd amendment which was ratified in 1951, "no president may serve more than two terms plus a maximum of two years acceded as president under some other presidents term…"

Franklin D Roosevelt served three full terms and a brief fourth term which included two months 24 days.

I really hope that in 2016 the people wake-up and don't fall for the "Obama phone" type of rhetoric as Hillary has already started spewing that she's for family, higher wages, etc.

In my opinion, this upcoming election is more important and any other election that we've had in our recent history.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Blind leading the Blind

Robin;'s commentary--

I had a very interesting conversation today on Facebook which is kind of worries some in a lot of respects of how people just blindly follow party lines and it doesn't really matter who the candidate is, they will vote for them.

The same is true with people who still feel that Obama is the best thing since sliced bread however when asked to clarify and backup their statement… They cannot.

Take Obamacare for example.

Being somebody who actually looked at the bill, I have been saying ever since its inception about the penalties if you do not have "qualifying" healthcare you will pay a fine.

You would think that alone would get people upset. However, there was nothing but silence.

We don't think of anything like Nancy Pelosi saying, "You have to pass the bill to know what's in it…"

Now, as many tax preparers such as H&R Block are informing people how much their penalties would be if they did not have insurance, we are starting to read stories that people were unaware that there was a penalty.

As I've been saying from the onset… Wait tell 2016 when Obamacare goes into full effect and your fines will be anywhere from $2100 or 2.1% of your income.

If you don't believe me… Go read the bill.

So today, Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for the president of the United States.

Why is this a bad idea?

The first thing that comes to mind and we can thank President Obama for sending race relations back a generation or two about racism.

While I will admit that in 2008, I was very excited about having somebody different than the old school become president, I can't help but the once bitten twice shy that if we elect our first female president that sexism will become the new racism.
Is that fair to her to think that way? No! It is not.

I for one would not have a problem with a woman president such as Sarah Palin who given the choice I would vote for over Hillary any day.

But as I said, once bitten twice shy and any woman candidate would have to come out and specify wholeheartedly that sexism is not going to be an excuse.

If there's one thing, that president Obama has shown us is just how out of control our government actually is and how they had gotten involved in issues that should not even concerned the White House.

Trey von Martin and Ferguson are two examples of local issues that never would've made national news or given much attention until the White House came out and make a big deal about it.

"If I had a son…"

An appropriate for president and the attorney general.

Yet, people still blindly support Obama and are afraid to comment against them for fear of being called a racist even though his policies are wrong and damaging.

Let me cite Obamacare again as an example.

According to the Constitution… Only Congress can enact a tax.

Originally, Obamacare had a fine. It was the courts that change that fine to a tax.

Being forced to purchase a commodity was not something that the framers of the Constitution had in mind. Moreover, where does this stop?

Bottom line folks… It's time to look beyond party lines and look at the individual.

Moreover, demand that our elected representatives follow the Constitution and not be above the law.


Saturday, April 11, 2015


I can't believe they're at it again!

How may times have we heard that they don't have the money for necessities such as road repair however they always seem to find money for other pet projects? [registerguard]

Using the latest EMX development as an example… And don't give me this that the funds are allocated for this, its city expenditures, or whatever excuse you want to give me because it still OUR money in the long run.

So, as the county claims that they are feeling their financial struggles along with the rest of us, they feel that once again that were wealthy enough that we can afford an extra $35 a year to register our vehicles.

Of course the question is… Is that on top of the already in my opinion outrageous registration fee?

Of course Lane County says that the money will be earmarked basically to repair roads and bridges and not to go towards new roads however, the other 12 cities located within Lane County would be able to split 40% of the revenue without such restrictions.

The Lane commissioners agreed to defer their decision to the May ballot and you can let the commissioners knowing the meantime if you are for or against it by going to the "engage Lane" website

I am very interested in how you feel about this as well.