Wednesday, November 27, 2013

another US invasion?

Robin's commentary --

According to the dictionary, an invasion in which large parts of armed forces of one geopolitical entity aggressively in terms of territory controlled by another  generally with the objective of either conquering or reestablishing control or authority over territory forcing the partition of the country, altering the establishment government or gaining concessions of said government.

now admittedly a mob of 150 alone may in itself not construed as an invasion from another country however, this is just only one instance and they are anticipating more occurrences such as this one on Sunday as there is more talks of immigration reform.

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Friday, November 15, 2013

articles of impeachment to be introduced...

Robin's commentary --

Politico --

When I saw the headlines about impeachment, I got excited thinking that the Republicans are finally going to follow through as threatened to impeach Obama.

Well according to political and other replicable news services such as Reuters, yes, papers of impeachment are going to be filed...

On Attorney General Eric Holder.



I'm confused!

One of the reasons that is cited for the House of Representatives plan to introduce articles of impeachment against Eric Holder is because they said that he lied to Congress as well as fail to uphold federal law.

Are we sure were not talk about Obama?

Texas representative Pete Olson who drafted the articles said, "this is not a decision that I made lightly.  Since the House voted in 2012 to hold Eric Holder in contempt, that pattern of disregard for the rule of law and refusal to be forthright has only continued."

Are you sure were not talk about Obama?

"The American people deserve answers and accountability" said Olson

uh... again... Obama?

Reasons outlined are  "Operation Fast and Furious", Holders decision not to enforce laws on same-sex marriage, on prison sentences for certain drugs crimes and lying to Congress about a Justice Department investigation onto Fox news correspondent James Rosen.

But, what about Obama?

Obama, openly admitting that the Constitution gets in his way and if Congress won't act he will.

Failing to negotiate on Obamacare has devastated thousands of Americans placing some in life's jeopardy because of his failed promise that "if you like your insurance... you can keep it."

And how the "big mouth in the White House" has dramatically ruined several people's lives by commenting on a local crime which was totally inappropriate and I'm referring to the Zimmerman case.

and I could fill up several pages of examples of where he broke the law, violated the Constitution, etc.

But then I see this video as Oprah Winfrey in an interview with the BBC clears it all up for me and explains that Americans are all just racist and that's why we're constantly picking on the president.

Silly me...

yes, a whole bunch of racist Americans elected Obama twice.

I guess we better turn our attention from Obama to Eric Holder as we should all be ashamed for putting down our president.




Insert MC Hammer song, "can't touch that"