Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lane transit District (LTD) -- EmX expanding?

Robin's Commentary

LTD got the message alright about how welcome they are with all the no build signs in West Eugene so they're going to focus their efforts more on the LCC and East Springfield lines.

A question regarding the EmX which not been answered yet, is how having specially designed buses that travel on a dedicated route actually pencil out in both time and money.

The only answer that LTD has given in the past, is that there is federal grant money for the project.

Speaking of, LTD has been awarded $750,000 to evaluate the expansion of the EmX service.

Additionally, LTD has been awarded $3 million in funds to replace aging diesel buses that are more than 12 years old with hybrid electric buses.

Personally, I can see that as a better move than expanding the EmX project as I feel that putting more buses on the road would better serve the community versus having fewer buses in a dedicated line.

But when asked the question, who keeps pushing for these projects... I would point the fingers at Congressman Peter DeFazio, Senator Ron Wyden and Senator Jeff Merkley which is interesting, because I think two out of the three actually live in Lane County although not 100% positive of that.