Saturday, October 15, 2011

"stop pointing missiles at me!

The Mirror --

headline: "Navy warship order to stop pointing guns at Michelle Obama's hotel window"

"you can't point those guns that the first lady." Sources said as US Secret Service agents were spooked that sea dart missiles were pointing in the direction of the First Lady's five-star suite.

The HMS Edinburgh missiles were drill rounds used in a ceremonial routine after a 26-year-old lieutenant's body was discovered in her cabin.

Mrs. Obama is on "official visit" to Cape Town South Africa.

Oh yeah... the president ordered 100 troops into South Africa to go to seize a religious army tyrant.

oh my God!

How many wars or conflicts does it make for this president since he has been in office?

As I have stated many times on this blog, and on the radio program that in the 21st century it is way too easy with the speed of technology to have a rogue president bypass our safety measures (our safety measures are too slow and need to be updated) to get us into these conflicts.

All it takes is for a president to really push a country's leaders buttons the wrong way and next thing you know we are in World War III.

And on a what should be a minor note... waht official business is Michelle Obama doing over there anyways? Telling the Africans how to eat?

Or just another excuse for another vacation?

and speaking of the President, my cohost on the radio program asked the question, "how much damage can somebody do in four years?"

Answer: A LOT!


Anonymous West Terrace said...

Being a leader is a constant struggle and a lot of work. All aspect in society should be monitor by the leader. Education, health, safety, army, nation's progress, food, shelter, employment and peace are just main concern of people. With these, the leader should mandate all the men or his officials in charge to take charge and the leader's job is to monitor all aspect he designate job to his member or official.

1:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From (12/12/11) :

As of late last week, the number of U.S. troops in Iraq had dwindled to about 6,000, down from 170,000 at the war's peak in 2007. Troops are expected to be completely pulled out by year's end.

So, 100 troups in to South Africa, 170,000 out of Iraq. That's good news over all.... right?

3:14 AM  
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