Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Governor Ted "tax and gouge me" is expressing the financial frustration that we have lived with under his rule

the Portland Tribune --
Governor Ted "tax and gouge me" wants to cut 9% across-the-board in the state's general fund to close a budget gap.
"During a hearing before the Senate Revenue Committee, state economists Tom Potiowsky told lawmakers that even though Oregon’s recession is likely over , job growth is too weak to overcome losses for the year.
That translates to a $511 million drop in state general fund revenue for 2009-11 from the March economic forecast, Potiowsky said, due mainly to lower-than-expected personal income tax collections.
The projected ending balance for the biennium shows a shortfall of $562.6 million, he said.

did I read that correctly? "lower-than-expected personal income tax collections." Those idiots actually think that the Oregon's recession is over and everything is fine out here?

I think one thing that you can safely count on is that when you have high unemployment, businesses closing and leaving the area, record number of foreclosures and bankruptcies, you're going to have "lower-than-expected personal income tax collections." Like duh!

"But, because of the bad economic news, and its potential to grow during the next few months, Kulongoski’s proposed cuts will likely hit school funds as well as other service programs".

yes folks, SCHOOLS. Please open your wallets, it's for the kids!
"We could gamble and hope that the next forecast in September delivers a rebound and the hole is diminished, but the longer we wait, the deeper the cuts that will be needed to rebalanced the budget in the remaining months of the biennium if that does not occur,” Kulongoski said. “Throughout my tenure as governor where I have managed the state through two devastating recessions, I have learned — and am convinced — that in a situation like this, that the best response is swift and decisive action. [Zzzzzzzz What!]"...
Portland Public Schools could face an additional $19 million reduction in funds under the governor’s proposal.

cough, cough, gag…. please, I think I'm going to be sick.
Kulongoski, we've been trying to get you to wake up and pay attention to the problem for years and the only thing coming out of your office is more taxes, more taxes and more taxes, and NOW you're wanting to start trimming the budget?

And now here you go again with the excuse that schools do not have enough money (again) well, I have two words for you.

Independent audit.

get a clue... the recession is NOT over yet and just like the people, government needs to tighten its belt as well and start taking the recession seriously.

the money tree had lost all this leaves


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