Sunday, May 30, 2010

if the federal government sues Arizona for enforcing federal immigration laws aren't they in a sense suing themselves?

the LA Times

Consider this... Arizona's immigration law Senate Bill 1070 does nothing more than to give the police the authority where reasonable suspicion exists [and who has been lawfully contacted] that a person is unlawfully present in the United States to determine the immigration status of that person.

Which is really the only thing the Arizona law does is ask for proof of citizenship status such as a driver's license.

The Department of Justice however has threatened to take Arizona to court and here's where an interesting quandary comes to play.

The only thing that the Arizona law does is enforce federal immigration laws

So consider this scenario... the Department of Justice takes Arizona to court and wins. That could set a precedence nullifying our whole immigration system.

Think about it.

The only reasons that the federal government is even upset over the Arizona law is...

1) They claim that the law will lead to racial profiling. [An excuse]
2) They claimed that for fear of prosecution that illegal immigrants will be afraid to report crimes and therefore make them more likely to be victims of crimes. [A valid point, just like any other criminal would be afraid to call the police.]
3) The feds are embarrassed that a state actually took it upon themselves to start enforcing federal laws where the federal government has refused to do so which has allowed the situation to get out of hand.
4) oh yes, it makes President Obama look bad because he has not pursued his "comprehensive" immigration reform policy. In addition, with the majority of the people supporting the Arizona law, it sends a message that AMNESTY is totally out of the question.

So really if anybody's suing anybody, it should be the states suing the federal government for not enforcing immigration laws and not protecting our borders which they are required to do so by the Constitution.

Another failure of the federal government is that employers are required to have an employee fill out and sign a INS I-9 form to document that you have the RIGHT to work within the United States. That's the law! How many times have you heard anybody being prosecuted for falsifying this form? or for that matter... ask to see the form?

Additionally, when's the last time you heard anybody getting prosecuted for falsifying a Social Security number? last time I checked, that was supposed to be a serious crime.

It's going to be a battle... one that I fear could wind up in a civil war if we are are not careful.

First and foremost, not just for the reason of illegal immigration, but also for the security of the nation we have to make it a priority to secure our borders.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Governor Ted "tax and gouge me" is expressing the financial frustration that we have lived with under his rule

the Portland Tribune --
Governor Ted "tax and gouge me" wants to cut 9% across-the-board in the state's general fund to close a budget gap.
"During a hearing before the Senate Revenue Committee, state economists Tom Potiowsky told lawmakers that even though Oregon’s recession is likely over , job growth is too weak to overcome losses for the year.
That translates to a $511 million drop in state general fund revenue for 2009-11 from the March economic forecast, Potiowsky said, due mainly to lower-than-expected personal income tax collections.
The projected ending balance for the biennium shows a shortfall of $562.6 million, he said.

did I read that correctly? "lower-than-expected personal income tax collections." Those idiots actually think that the Oregon's recession is over and everything is fine out here?

I think one thing that you can safely count on is that when you have high unemployment, businesses closing and leaving the area, record number of foreclosures and bankruptcies, you're going to have "lower-than-expected personal income tax collections." Like duh!

"But, because of the bad economic news, and its potential to grow during the next few months, Kulongoski’s proposed cuts will likely hit school funds as well as other service programs".

yes folks, SCHOOLS. Please open your wallets, it's for the kids!
"We could gamble and hope that the next forecast in September delivers a rebound and the hole is diminished, but the longer we wait, the deeper the cuts that will be needed to rebalanced the budget in the remaining months of the biennium if that does not occur,” Kulongoski said. “Throughout my tenure as governor where I have managed the state through two devastating recessions, I have learned — and am convinced — that in a situation like this, that the best response is swift and decisive action. [Zzzzzzzz What!]"...
Portland Public Schools could face an additional $19 million reduction in funds under the governor’s proposal.

cough, cough, gag…. please, I think I'm going to be sick.
Kulongoski, we've been trying to get you to wake up and pay attention to the problem for years and the only thing coming out of your office is more taxes, more taxes and more taxes, and NOW you're wanting to start trimming the budget?

And now here you go again with the excuse that schools do not have enough money (again) well, I have two words for you.

Independent audit.

get a clue... the recession is NOT over yet and just like the people, government needs to tighten its belt as well and start taking the recession seriously.

the money tree had lost all this leaves

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

1200 National Guard troops sent to the US-Mexican border

Reuters --

President Obama sending 1200 National Guard troops and is seeking $500 million for security after demands from both Democrats and Republicans to protect the border.

"The announcement comes as the Democratic president seeks Republican support for a sweeping overhaul of U.S. immigration laws, and seeks to rally opposition to a tough new immigration law in Arizona that has caused tension in U.S. relations with Mexico, without seeming soft on illegal border crossings."

I think is the president bowing to the the fact that the majority of Americans polled are actually in favor of the Arizona law and do not favor amnesty.

However, to only send 1200 troops to help protect our nation's border is a joke and also a sign that the security of our country which is the president's responsibility as part of his oath of office is nothing more than a political farce.

The American people in my opinion are getting tired of the politically correct crowd and biting their tongue on opinions on issues that they feel important such as the illegal immigration.

It's wrong, and people are starting to say enough is enough.

Monday, May 24, 2010

the Arizona law -- more than just about illegal immigration

Robin's Commentary --

There is been quite a controversy over Arizona's immigration law which has opened the eyes of the people in several areas.

One of them being that there are people in the federal government who are criticizing the Arizona law, who have NEVER READ THE LAW ITSELF.

A trend that we're seeing in our government both local and federal, where our REPRESENTATIVES are voting on or criticizing laws that they have never read.

Additionally, the other message that the federal government is sending regarding the Arizona law, is that "the states do not have the right to enforce federal laws" even though failure of the federal government to enforce the laws is affecting the safety of US citizens.

The murder of a popular farmer in Arizona was the last straw so to speak as far as waiting for the federal government to do its job and protect our borders.

The people in Arizona finally said, "Enough is enough" and decided to pick up the ball where the government has left off.

But it sends another unintended signal as well.

The fact that the federal government is turning its back to illegal immigration and not securing our borders and protecting the sanctity of our nation brings into question to why anybody should be concerned about following any law, especially if enough people decide they don't like it and the government refuses to enforce it.

A recent article in the Oregonian, titled "Some Oregon contractors ignoring new federal [EPA paint certification] law that went into effect in April, stating that "most contractors have not gotten their certification, and are not following the Environmental Protection Agency rule that went into effect in April."

What is interesting about this article is not so much about the contractors not getting certified, but the comments that readers are saying. For example...

posted by Pondy 123 "
MILLIONS every year ignore and break a federal law, and they are REWARDED with FREE education, FREE medical care, TAX-FREE income, SPECIAL treatment, etc........... they are called ILLEGAL that break the lead laws will face far greater consequences-- is that justice?"

Posted by hartsf
"Pondy---You're absolutely correct--but, remember, laws ONLY apply to certain individuals--but, NOT illegals, they are exempt. Anyone who thinks otherwise, is a racist---THAT is what libs, illegals and Obama tells us. So be it.....ENFORCE US Immigration Law!"

Posted by RedFly
"Oregon government supports illegal aliens, why should Oregon citizens support the government."

Posted by TankFixer
"So we are supposed to ask for a contractors lead certification but are evil if we ask if the workers are legally in this country? Simply pathetic."

Posted by Oregon patriot
"the contractors are justified in "skirting the new federal rules." Until the Obama ministration follows all the federal rules, the contractors should ignore this remodeling rule. Think of it as nonviolent civil disobedience."

This article had nothing to do with immigration, however, it shows that people are getting so fed up with the federal government not enforcing our immigration laws, they are asking themselves why they should be concerned about any federal law.

It is a trend in my opinion that if we're not careful, will be the downfall of our nation.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Arizona's Corporation Commissioner to the city of Los Angeles, better think twice before boycotting us...
because we have the power... literally!

Fox news--

in response to Los Angeles boycotting Arizona because of the new immigration law,the now head of Arizona Corporation commission Gary Pierce wrote this letter to the mayor of Los Angeles in response to the boycott.

"If an economic boycott is truly what you desire, I will be happy to encourage Arizona utilities to renegotiate your power agreements so Los Angeles no longer receives any power from Arizona-based generation."

"If, however, you find that the city council lacks the strength of its convictions to turn off the lights in Los Angeles and boycott Arizona power, please reconsider the wisdom of attempting to harm Arizona's economy."

Currently, Los Angeles gets 25% of its electricity from Arizona.

(snicker) Check.... LA, it's your move

Sunday, May 09, 2010

An interesting point

This is floating around the internet and I thought that it made a very good point that I wanted to display it here.

Dear Editor,

So many letter writers have based their arguments on how this land is made up of immigrants. Ernie Lujan for one, suggest we should tear down the statue of liberty because the people now in question aren't being treated the same as those who passed through Ellis Island and other ports of entry.

Maybe we should turn to our history books and point out to people like Mr. Lujan why today's American is not willing to accept this new kind of immigrants any longer. Back in 1900 when there was a rush from all areas of Europe to come to the United States, people had to get off a ship and stand in a long line in New York and be documented. Some would even get down on their hands and knees and kiss the ground.

They made a pledge to uphold the laws and support their new country in good and bad times. They may learning English a primary role in their new American households and some even change their names to blend in with their new home.

They had waived goodbye to their birthplace to give their children a new life and did everything in their power to help their children assimilate into one culture. Nothing was handed to them. No free lunches, no welfare, no labor laws to protect them. All they had were the skills and craftsmanship that they had brought with them to trade for a future of prosperity.

Most of their children came of age when World War II broke out. My father fought alongside men whose parents had come straight over from Germany, Italy, France and Japan. None of these first-generation Americans ever gave any thought about what country they're parents had come from. They were Americans fighting Hitler, Mussolini and the Empire of Japan. They were defending the United States of America as one people.

When we liberated France, no one in those villages were looking for the French and American or at the German-American or the Irish-American. The people of France saw only Americans. And we carried one flag that represented one country. Not one of those immigrant sons would have thought about picking up another country flag and waving it to represent who they were. It would have been a disgrace to their parents who had sacrificed so much to be here.

These immigrants truly knew what it meant to be an American. They stirred the melting pot into one red, white and blue bowl.

And here we are with the new kind immigrant who wants the same rights and privileges. Only they want to achieve it by playing a different set of rules, one that includes the entitlement card and a guarantee of being faithful to their mother country.

I am sorry, that's not what being an American is all about.

I believe the immigrants who landed on Ellis Island in the early 19 hunters deserve better than that for all the toil, hard work and sacrifice in raising future generations to create a land that has become a beacon for those illegally searching for a better life. I think they would be appalled that they are being used as an example by those waving foreign country flags.

And for that suggestion about taking down the Statue of Liberty, it happens to mean a lot to the citizens were voting on immigration bill. I wouldn't start talking about dismantling the United States just yet.

Rosemary LaBonte

Obviously this does not described the immigrant who decided that it was too much trouble to apply for citizenship, stand in line, study and learn the language of the land and go to the front door like everybody else.

Nope. These people feel that it was much easier to just cross the borders illegally and congregate in large masses in hopes that history would repeat itself by offering blanket amnesty as Ronald Reagan did.

Personally, I think the reaction over the Arizona law surprised a lot of people on both sides.

As much as the media and government tries to portray the laws unpopularity, the people are saying otherwise with their letters to the editors, comments to articles and on the blogs.

it is very unfortunate that the LEGAL immigrant is being drug into this because of the laziness of their former countrymen who are just too lazy to do the right thing.

The message being sent is quite simple. Be legal and be welcome.