Saturday, December 19, 2009

ANOTHER NEW SEATBELT LAW-- Gad! when will it stop!

Well as we get ready to enter 2010, like with the beginning of each and every year, there is a bunch of new surprises in store for us and some of us are aware of it, while others is the first time we've ever heard of it.

Well this is the first that I've heard of this new law which requires all drivers and passengers to be wearing seatbelts in public areas, including parking lots and recreational areas.

Until now, you are not required to wear a seatbelt until the driver reached a public street.

the new law, which would be a Class B traffic violation of $142 for failure to use seat belts if anyone younger than 15 is not properly belted.

now gimme a break whose bright idea was this one?

Well let me point out just for the sake of argument, back in the days when I used to assist with traffic accidents that I have seen my share and there is no argument on my part that seatbelts can save lives. However, I think trying to regulate it in a parking lot is going a little bit too far.

I mean what is going to be next? Are we going to soon be required to wear a helmet while traveling in a motor vehicle due to the amount of head injuries resulting from accidents?

You know, it would not surprise me one bit that some idiot would actually propose that.

And why stop there, what about walking? Walking can be a very dangerous activity. Should we all be required to wear protective gear when we leave our house in case we fall? How many injuries do the hospital see every year from fall injuries due to walking?

Then maybe we should start regulating shoes. They did overseas. I believe in Japan, it is illegal to wear platform shoes while driving a car. But what about high heels. They are dangerous too. Especially the little spike high heels.

What about long hair? How many injuries has been caused because hair got tangled up in the machinery are like one article where a woman's got ripped off because her hair got sucked into a fan. And I think the one that I am referring to is actually in Eugene if I remember correctly.

I guess my point is, just how far are we going to go with this?

I grew up in an era where I could ride my bicycle with no helmet, no padding and yes I had accidents, got scrapes and bruises and maybe a few scars, but I learned from it.

Well, I can rant and rave for about five pages about something as stupid as this, but I will conclude by saying that it is really disappointing to me that in this RECESSION that laws like this are not only being introduced and passed an even more importantly with the public not being aware of it or even allowed to vote on it, it is no wonder why we are in such a disastrous economical situation as we are now.


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