Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Duck-a-ween?

Robin's commentary

Okay, I would like to start off by saying that I am really not a big football fan and believe it or not, neither is anybody else in my household. Yes, we really do exist in Eugene/Springfield, home of the University of Oregon Ducks.

(Suddenly... a loud gasp echoes throughout the Valley)

Now that doesn't mean that I don't realize (even if I don't really understand it) just how really important the game is to a lot of people. Even though I think sometimes people go overboard a little bit, but that's okay. Support the hometown team. (this should be part of a job applications EEO statement along with your race and gender. Because especially in this town... not being a football fan makes you a minority.)

So what makes this game different than any other game in my disinterested football mind?

The fact that today's game, the Oregon Ducks versus USC at 5 PM at Austin Stadium tonight, coincides with Halloween, an event that most kids (and some adults) look forward to all year long.

Anyway, I was just picturing this scenario...

To set up the scene, we find ourselves in a typical suburban household, with your typical suburban family. Mom, dad, and 2.5 kids (don't ask).
It is early afternoon and mom is helping the Twins get their costumes on to go trick-or-treating at the local mall. (Which used to be door-to-door back in the good old days) the kids are already abound with excitement and arguing over how they are going to divide up all of the calorie infested goodies (otherwise known as candy) that they will be acquiring tonight.

So while mom is frantically trying to keep the Twins under control, dad however has already begun throwing the provisions in the back of the minivan in preparation for tonights pregame tailgate party.

(By the way, mom is also a huge Duck fan like dad.)

During dad's many trips back and forth from the house to the minivan with provisions, mom stops him and asks "Honey, what about the kids tonight?"

"What you mean? Answers dad, "what about the kids? They look really cute in their little costumes"

"That's my point!" Exclaims mom, "aren't we going to take them trick-or-treating tonight?"

"Of course honey," responds dad, "right after the ducks game!"

The kids, overhearing this conversation, shout in unison, "but dad that'll be too late!"

"Oh my!" (Edited to maintain the blog PG rating) dad thinks to himself, "how am I going to see the Duck game and not disappoint my kids?"
Well, heaven forbid that he misses the game. "I could record it and watch it later," he thinks to himself, "but that's not the same as actually being there." So being the entrepreneurial type of person that he is with a BA from the University of Oregon, he comes up with a viable solution.

"Kids", says dad, "Not to worry. I'm going to take you trick-or-treating before tonight's game, so be dressed and ready to go at 3 PM."

The kids let out a large "sigh" and continue with putting on their costumes. "Who goes trick-or-treating at three in the afternoon?" The kids think to themselves.

So I guess the whole point of the story is how often something as important as a Duck game would be scheduled on such an important family night such as Halloween. I mean, I cannot imagine that it was really the smartest thing to do, especially if you have kids.

Fortunately for me I guess, if my family was faced with such a scenario, it would have a really easy solution. Bring on the junk food... we are going trick-or-treating. Remember, we are a minority.

Oh, and how did dad's solution worked out?

Well, the Ducks won the game of course and this couch really is not all that uncomfortable.


Blogger OregonGuy said...

A simpler solution is to simply realize that no child is really too young to go out on their own.

A little growing-up is in order.

If they want the candy, let them do it on their own. If they're too young to do it without parental supervision, they aren't old enough.

Happy Halloween.

3:25 PM  
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