Saturday, June 06, 2009

we need a toll bridge because the public does not have the sense about the gap in funding

a $4.1 billion plan to replace the Interstate 5 bridge between Portland and Vancouver, known as the Columbia River Crossing project is launching a campaign to hear residents concerned about tolls which are needed to pay for a least one third of the project cost.
however, the public doesn't understand the effect of declining transportation funding.
"They [The public]don't have a sense of what the gap in funding would be," said Steve Stuart, a Clark County commissioner.

in addition to the Interstate 5 bridge, the council is also looking for public input for adding tolls to interstate 205, the Glen L. Jackson Bridge.

The council also voted unanimously to limit the scope of the planning the two structures across the river instead of the current plan for three. They would include, one for northbound cars, one for southbound cars, one for light rail with bicycles and pedestrians. It

hey here's a thought...
1 -- why don't we fix the roads and bridges that we have now before building a new one.

2 -- and while were at it, let's stop trying to make things more expensive for us in this recession, such as toll bridges.

Of course, according to Steve Stuart, a Clark County Commissioner, were actually too stupid to understand about funding gaps.

well Mr.Stuart, I think we the public understand funding gaps all too well... and I think most of us also understand priorities... which, in my opinion, is one of the reasons why we currently have a recession is because triggered by the high cost of fuel caused a landslide of events after people could no longer afford to buy a nonessential items in order to live within their budget. I emphasize the word budget.

or roughly translated, personal budget "funding gap."

However, our state and local governments have not learned to live within their budget and therefore are in a financial crisis and are trying to force their employers [that would be us the general public] into giving up more money for their budget woes.

That is no different than an employee telling your boss, "I'm not making my bills this month, I need more money and I demand a raise." In real life, the employer would just say, "I'm not responsible for your budget problems." And walk away laughing.

So yes Mr.Stuart, the public is not as stupid as you think, were just dealing with our own issues, and adding a new bike path is not one of them.

And finally, don't criticize someone else unless you can lead by example.


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