Saturday, April 25, 2009

The saga continues...

Press release -- Senator Ted Ferrioli
Representative Bruce Hanna

Democratic leaders have terminated several bills that would have created tens of thousands of jobs and put dollars back into the economy, however, they missed the deadline for the 2009 session.
“As thousands of Oregonians lose their jobs, Democratic leaders have given pink-slips to bills that would have created jobs, empowered small businesses, and given working families greater relief during this economic recession,” said Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day). “Oregon’s future is at stake, yet Democratic leaders decided to spend more time on bills to increase regulations on businesses and raise taxes on the Oregonians fortunate enough to still have jobs.”

Here are some examples of some of the job creation bills...
“SB 704: Reduce income tax withholding tables by 4.2% to immediately put $100 million back into Oregonian’s paychecks and create 2,500 jobs, without costing government a penny.

HB 3095: Implement the Main Street Incentive Program to encourage home and business owners to engage in capital improvement projects, creating 6,000 new jobs.

SJR 24: Direct state agencies to immediately facilitate implementation of the Western Oregon Plan Revisions, which would create 15,000 new jobs.

HB 3469: Establish a personal income tax credit of $500 per dependent child, and reduce personal income tax rates for low income Oregonians by modifying income tax brackets, which would create over 19,000 jobs.

"it's frustrating that this legislature has spent more time debating puppy mills and snack machines and teachers lounge is then bills to create jobs," said House representative leader Bruce Hanna.

use a stimulus package to stimulate the economy and create jobs? what a novel idea!

Did you notice the pattern in the above bills? Most of them refer to putting money back in the hands of the people. When people have more money... they spend more, which under a system of supply and demand, creates jobs, and it has this unusual side effect of increasing the tax-based revenue.

However, sadly, that's not the way things work in real life.

We have to focus more on building more bike bridges, overpriced transportation systems, concerned about using a cell phone in your car has a primary offense or smoking in your car with your kid...

But hey, Oregon always wanted to be number one... move aside Michigan.


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