Friday, April 24, 2009

Oregon is proud to be the worst unemployment in the nation...
because Oregon is growing too fast

The Portland Tribune--

"It wasn't supposed to happen again." Referring that Oregon isn't supposed to be the second highest unemployment in the nation at 12.1% [Lane County 13.2%] "we are supposed to have on the highest among large US cities."

Elected and business leaders after the 1980 recession decided that the timber industry in Oregon was to vulnerable [especially with the spotted owl] to economic trends to be such a major employer. [like schools]

As a result, Oregon decided to diversify its business providing tax breaks and other incentives to attract high-tech companies.
When school districts began cutting days, the state became a national laughingstock, prompting leaders to once again promise to diversify the economy. Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski has been especially aggressive at recruiting renewable energy companies, such as Solar World, which has also moved into Washington County.

Art Ayre, state employment economist argues that the high unemployment rate is partly the result of Oregon being the third fastest growing workforce in the nation over the past year, in part because many people would stop looking for jobs during the past decade are now looking for work again.
"This combination leads to a high unemployment rate," said Ayre.

According to press aide Anna Richter Taylor, Governor Ted tax-and-gouge-me is presenting a balanced economic agenda. Kulongoski believes that renewable energy companies represents a good opportunity for the state.

In a related story...

Portland Business Journal --

Oregon Governor Ted tax-and-gouge-me would like federal funds for charging stations for electric cars around the state. The governor is considering the $300 million in competitive grants available through the Clean Cities Program, which is aimed at helping states with the acquisition of low emission vehicles and infrastructure. 30 grants will be awarded and they will either require a 50% match in funding by the public sector or private investment.
Collectively, state agencies, local governments and private businesses need to send a clear message that Oregon is committed to establishing and growing the electric vehicle market ,”Kulongoski said. [we are??? Nobody asked me... how about you?] “Securing these dollars means Oregon will be even more attractive to the car makers that have visited Oregon to market their electric vehicles, one of which is looking to manufacture here.
Norwegian auto-maker Think is considering Oregon among seven U.S. sites to build a plug-in electric auto called the Think city.”

The company is considering the location in the formally occupied Daimler Trucks North America Freightliner location in Portland, who you'll recall was asked to leave Oregon.

Green... Green... Green... Green can represent many things, money which is something of Oregon is lacking, and gangrene which can happen when people have their heads up their ...!

In this economy... and I mean let's be honest folks, sure electric cars will be great... hybrids are wonderful... however, I have no plans to buy any of them in the near future.

If for no other reason, I don't buy a car every three years. Electric cars and hybrids, both require the use of expensive batteries. Even though battery technology is getting better, battery still fail over time, and these batteries are very expensive to replace.

Another point to consider... remember when they first started adding computers to cars and how hard it was to find a mechanic that could actually work on your car?

So I guess my point is... adding charging stations throughout the state is similar to the chicken and the egg scenario.


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