Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Doctor... I need to renew my prescription for CIGARETTES?

Statesman Journal

Portland Rep. Mitch Greenlick as an idea... since some cigarettes contain nicotine which is and addictive drug,then we should do with cigarettes as we did with over-the-counter drugs to control the use of pseudoephedrine, make them available by prescription only.
"I think this would essentially wipe out smoking in its existing form," Greenlick said. "We need to stop cigarettes at the source." [remember Prohibition?]

Greenlick's proposal is approved, it would include another bill that would increase EH a procession and sale of tobacco from 18 to 21.

Oh, and the federal tobacco taxes that the jump $.60.
"How does he intend to replace all of the tobacco dollars that the legislators have allocated to all kinds of programs throughout the state?" asked Mark Nelson, a tobacco lobbyist. "I assume there's some sort of revenue replacement plan as well."
Greenlick's response: It's unconscionable to raise money from smoking, "and I think we need to give it up."

Greenlick feels that is something that we should discuss, "we want to use this as a revenue vehicle, or do we want to suspend smoking for the health of Oregonians?"

the economies in the toilet and this is what their working on? How nutty is this?

Also Oregon's ban on over-the-counter drugs is something I would not exactly call a success. This small amount of illegal drugs that was created from over-the-counter pseudoephedrine, is nothing compared to the inflow of illegal drugs from over the border. Additionally, by restricting the sale of some of the formerly over-the-counter medications in Oregon has made some people like myself who is an allergy sufferer really suffer due to the lack of availability of some drugs for example Bronkaid.

Oregon Legislature should be focusing on our economic situation in Oregon and find ways of bringing businesses back and encouraging growth versus their pet projects of more bike paths and bike bridges instead of revising a form of probation which didn't work the first time it was tried.


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