Thursday, January 15, 2009

Oregon once again in the top five list - unemployment.

bureau of labor statistics

Robins Commentary -

Being a lifelong Oregonian, one of the things that we've always been proud of was being "first" or a leader. While it appears that we're becoming a leader in something else that I'm not proud of, Oregon's 8.1% unemployment. The top five in the nation.

How did we get there? I have a theory…

"See no evil - hear no evil - speak no evil" when it comes to the needs of the people of Oregon.

The news is full of items like, " we're losing tax revenue for this project or that project and therefore we need to raise more taxes."

Apparently they think that being an Oregonian means that we are all actually very wealthy with huge amounts of reserve cash that we're just hoarding from the government. How selfish of us! I mean really.

Our elected " representatives" that "we" voted into office to represent our best interests still seen in my opinion to be failing us. And we allow it!

I cite a recent example when the lane county commissioners decided that our vote was an inconvenience to them when they decided to enact the gas tax that the voters had voted down. They were very surprised when a large number of people got together and said, "no more!"

And that's what it's gonna take to get the message through otherwise, pet projects like Ted "tax and gouge me" Kulongoski's VARIABLE PER MILE TAX as an example will become a reality along with toll bridges, emissions taxes, CARBON TAXES and anything else their wild imagination can come up with to get money from us. Trust me it won't stop.

I don't know what little world that some of these representatives and our governor live in, currently not the real world, but apparently it takes sending more messages like the one we did in Lane County.

It is a fact that in economic down times, tax cuts help the economy (and government income) more than tax increases.

In short, it's time to wake up and smell the coffee and put some money back into the consumer's pockets or we will be heading for repeat of the great depression.


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