Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ted "tax and gouge me" Kulongoski just does not get it… Were broke!

the Oregonian

Robins Commentary

Well, the great governor of Oregon is at it again! It is bad enough that Oregon is suffering from massive layoffs, and until recently the high cost of fuel [which we're still recovering from], and the housing crisis, just to name a few, that sleepy Ted would actually have the nerve to suggest a tax increase.

The "excuse" for the increases is the one billion dollar road, bridge and rail project. The governor indicated that this project would create 2100 jobs a year for the first five years. The governor feels that since it worked for President Roosevelt during the great depression, that it would work in the 21st century for Oregon.

Oh yes, and there that the little issue that the Oregon falls $1.3 billion short of maintaining state highways according to state estimates.

Now for the nitty gritty… How to pay for such a project. The governor has suggested the following…

a 2¢ per gallon gas tax hike, which would increase the 24¢ per gallon tax to 26¢. The gas tax itself has not been raised since 1993. (there's a reason for that)

More than doubling the annual fees for car title and registration from $27.00 to $81.00 a year. "Oregon has among the lowest registration fees in the nation, [and their is something wrong with that?] and the increased fees would be the plans largest source of money."

Title fees would double to $110 dollars a year.

Increase in the tobacco tax by 2 1/2¢, and take $16,000,000 in lottery money.

[why not… We're all wealthy]

And the one that we should fight big time, one of the governor's pet project is putting a GPS tracking system in your car solely for the purpose of collecting taxes, based on the time and the miles that you drive. The tax would be collected at the pump during fill up. And if you think taxes are hard to get rid of now… Just wait until this variable tax becomes a reality.

In my opinion, now's the time to start cutting taxes, not raising them.


Blogger OregonGuy said...

We need GPS stations at every state entry point. Every car and truck entering the state will have to have a GPS device installed. Mileage will be tracked. Taxes must be paid.

I also want mileage counters on bicycles. Every bicycle. Those bike lanes weren't free. If you own a bike, I want you to pay for them. They're yours. I don't use them.

And exhalation. I know you breath. I don't want your carbon dioxide in my face. And your pets breath, either. And don't even get me started on farm animals. Methane. Ugh!

Oh...and who uses sidewalks? Walkers, right? And yet what percentage of sidewalk costs are covered by walkers? Again, I'm pretty much a front door to car to front door kind of guy. Why should I pay for sidewalks when I don't use them?

3:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ted earned his name of Tax and Gouge and yet people are still surprised when he proposes another hike. I keep wondering - WHO voted him in? Not ME!!!

9:52 AM  
Blogger Boilermakerjoel said...

Ted, we all don't live in a big house like you, and derive our money from telling other people how to live, like you. How about a tax only on those who derive their incomes from taxpayers? Seems that would tax about half of Oregonians......see the problem here?

8:50 PM  
Blogger Boilermakerjoel said...

Al Gore called, he wants to know if you two are still on for a game of "suck the suckers dry"?

8:51 PM  
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