Thursday, May 03, 2007

with a presidential veto, Lane County will NOT get the federal funding they were hoping for


President Bush vetoed an Iraq war funding bill today that contained a supplemental emergency bill to continue federal timber payments to Oregon in which Lane County leaders said that they stand to lose nearly $47 million a year that was earmarked for public health, safety services and local schools.

Officials say that without the federal payments, the county will not be able to maintain critical services and predicts cutting 150 public safety positions at the Lane County sheriff’s office.
Additionally, the district attorney's office said that it won't be able to prosecute felony drug cases.
once again, the DA's office PUBLICLY announces what it will NOT prosecute, which of course opens the door once again for more crime in Lane County. Thanks guys

"If congress creates a new emergency supplemental, the time frame could take weeks or months and it's unknown how much payment to the counties funding would be included," said Lane County Commissioner Faye Stewart.

Lane County leaders say that the cuts to county services would be avoided if the voters passed the proposed public safety tax on May 15.

looks to me like it's time to get serious as far as government funding and spending and decide what's more important.

Do we want to fund the "foo foo" feel-good projects, or do we want to fund projects that are required for running the city and county such as public safety?

It's a decision that the taxpayers make every day of our lives.

Do we spend our limited funds to go to a movie tonight, or put food on the table?

Going to the movie would be fun, however, that means missing dinner tonight because there is not money for both.

Government needs to make the same decision. While building new parks, having a pretty new bus, and other nonessential services are nice, you can not overlook NECESSARY funding for the infrastructure and operations, including the safety of the citizens of Lane County.

It is like I've always said about funding," left pocket, right pocket, it is all the same pair of pants"
and that's why in all good consciousness, I can not vote in favor of the Lane County income tax on May 15th.


Anonymous Tamara said...

The Lane County District Attorney's Office actually prosecutes (statistically) very few major drug cases as it is. Most Drug Offenses are handled by the plea-bargain process. Drug Offenders actually constitute a very small percentage of of the prison population. While sex-crime offenders constitute over 30% of the prison population, (these crimes are also predominantly handled by the plea-bargain process).
Since no mention was made as to the prosecution of traffic offenses; I suppose this means that Lane County will just find "another" way to fund their continued lack of prosecution of drug-crimes.

10:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Remember that G.W. is a Republican and they don't believe in 'entitlement' programs. As far as he is concerned, as well as the rest of the top 2% of America that is reaping the rewards of our 'booming economy', everyone should buck up and take care of themselves.
The State and County seem to think that the Feds should take care of many programs, mostly the ones they are being forced to implement by Federal laws.
The rest of us, the real America, are getting the short end of the stick, so to speak, because our voice is not being heard. It is time for a revolution!

8:05 AM  
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